Final Assignment Industry Sector Report and Interview

Purpose of the Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to expose your deeper into one of the many individual sectors that comprise the tourism and hospitality industry. Additionally, this assignment will require you to consider viable career tracts including job titles, job roles, and responsibilities, character traits for success, and future job outlook and salary prospects. Finally, this assignment will require you to identify, solicit, and complete a face-to-face interview with an individual currently working in this position to gain a greater appreciation and understanding for the identified career track as well as an expanded network of professional contacts. 
Tasks for the assignment

Identify which industry      sector most interests you.

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Final Assignment Industry Sector Report and Interview
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Convention Visitor       Bureaus/State Tourism Offices
Contract Services
Cruise Lines
Transportation (i.e.       airlines, buses, jet charters)
Conventions, meetings, and       special events
Etc. etc. (just ask?)

Study this industry sector      thoroughly collecting data through a literature review, association website,      and governmental reports. 

Identification of Industry       sector trade associations or professional organizations involved with       specific topical area
Definition of the sector       (SIC and NAICS codes)
Segments of the sector
Unique aspects of the sector
Statistics regarding the size of the sector

i. Annual sales
ii. Number of establishments
iii. Number of employees
iv. Industry sector and unions
v. Labor shortages/surplus
vi. Sector major players (companies)

A brief overview of Industry players (i.e.       Harrah’s, Wynn)
Company or franchise or?
Job titles of interest (i.e.       Dir. of Group Sales)
Job responsibilities of (e.g.)       (i.e. sell, prospect, reports)
Job requirements of (e.g.) (i.e.       Bachelor’s degree)
Character traits for success       or failure for (e.g.)
Specific details of (e.g.)

i. Salaries
ii. Minorities and gender issues
iii. Moving requirements
iv. Glass ceiling
v. Working conditions
vi. Trends within the specific job or industry career track

After a thorough analysis of      literature and all secondary data sources, you will conduct a face-to-face      interview with an individual currently working in this position to gain a      greater appreciation and understanding for the identified career track as well as an expanded network of      professional contacts.

a. Identify the locals who have the specific job of interest
i. Business directories
ii. Teachers
iii. Business websites
iv. Local industry association websites/contacts
b. Develop interview goals and objectives
c. Identify specific interviewee prospect
v. Document interviewee contact information
d. Develop an interview schedule (i.e. questionnaire)
e. Contact and schedule interview 
vi. Tell them who you are HRT Grad student
vii. State the purpose of your call and your project assignment purpose
viii. Do not let them force you into doing it over the telephone or email
ix. Try to get them off-site for coffee (i.e. fewer work interruptions
x. Tell them you need about 30 minutes of time (i.e. they will talk longer no worries)
xi. Call or email them 24-48 hrs. in advance to confirm time and place and to see if other more pressing matters have changed their schedule
f. Conduct the interview 
xii. Professional dress
xiii. Professional demeanor
xiv. Bring two copies of the questionnaire
xvi. Pay the bill for both you and your interview subject
g. Send them a thank you note

Write up the interview      lessons learned.

Positives and negatives of       this type of position
An in-depth look at how this       position interacts with the rest of the organization

Add the interview summary and      lessons learning into your DRAFT term paper already 70% completed      (hopefully)
Develop a strong conclusion

Purpose of your paper
Industry sector overview
Specific job       overview/details
Interviewee details
Overall project and       interview identification of new knowledge
Application       of this new knowledge to your life

Suggested Format
Cover Page includes:
· Title of Paper
· Name of Course
· Date of Submittal
· Your Name
Table of Contents includes:
· Title of each section
· The page number on which each section starts
Introduction (about three paragraphs) that includes:
· The purpose of the assignment
· The sector of interest
· The position of interest
· Your reasons for interest in this sector and more specifically this position
The body of Paper may include:
· Current requirements of the position
· Availability of positions for this position in the nation
· Starting salaries of this position
· A direct conversation with someone in this type of position (including their name, position, organization, phone number and e-mail address where they can be reached)
· Positives and negatives of this type of position
· An in-depth look at how this position interacts with the rest of the organization
· Current trends affecting this type of position
Conclusions include:
· Restate the purpose of the paper
· Your thoughts on why this is a desirable position and the downsides of this position
· Major lessons learned
· Application of new knowledge attained throughout the assignment
Paper Specifications

Single spaced
12-point font max except for      title page (no page number on the title page)

· Pages numbered on the bottom center of each page

A paper table      of contents page
Include the statement “the      purpose of this paper is to …….”
Accurately cite all resources      both in the text body where it appears and then listed at the end of the      paper within the references section using APA formatting.

· Use of page layout to ensure clear and efficient reader comprehension

Proofed and grammatically      correct
Include FULL contact      information for your interview subject
Include a copy of the      interview questions in the paper appendices

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