Financial Detective

professional users and sells them through its own technical representatives and mobile franchise dealers. The global manufacturer would be company L because they would have higher selling, general and administrative costs, in this case 38. 9 compared to 24. 8. The company with the specialized tools from mobile franchise would have higher cost of goods sold, in this case 61. 0 compared to 51. 6. Retail Both companies are large discount retailers. One company carries a wide variety of nationally advertised general merchandise.
The other company is a rapidly growing chain of upscale discount stores and has partnerships with several leading designers. The company with partnerships with the designers is company M because it has intangibles of 9. 0 compared to the general merchandise discount company which has intangibles of 0. 6 making it company N. Newspapers One company is a diversified media company that generates most of its revenues through newspaper sales around the country and around the world.
The other company owns a number of newspapers in small communities and this company has significant goodwill on its balance sheet. Company O is the company that owns a number of newspapers as they have intangibles of 76,8 compared to company P, which is the world newspaper company and has intangibles of 37. 1. Health ProductsBeer ABCD Accounts Payable9. 82. 2Stockholders’ Equity16. 572. 9 Inventory turnover3. 080. 93Current Assets11. 281. 7 Intangibles22. 246. 1Cost of Good Sold53. 938. 5 SG expense44. 546. 7Cash & ST investments1. 455. 6 SG expense17. 350. ComputersBooks & Music EFGH SG expense9. 723. 1SG expense16. 921. 8 Intangible Assets01. 2Depreciation1. 13. 7 Inventory21. 3Inventory14. 838. 6 Accounts Payable38. 318Cash & ST Investments54. 816. 2 Current Liabilities60. 933. 3Quick Ratio00. 46 Inventory Turnover13. 562. 42 PaperTools IJKL Intangibles14. 61. 9SG Expense3948. 4 Cost of Goods Sold6151. 6 Receivables Turnover18. 923. 7 RetailNewspaper MNOP Intangibles90. 6Intangibles76. 837. 1 Receivables Turnover24. 516. 7SG Expense2339. 7 Net Fixed Assets14. 134. 6 Stockholders’ Equity62. 535. 5

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Financial Detective
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