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What term best describes the map that presents shape but does not maintain correct area relationships? 

What term refers to a latitude line where the map is tangent to Earth?
great circle
transverse Mercator
standard parallel 

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Which family of map projections is usually tangent at the equator with the projection surface parallel to Earth’s axis? 

Which statement best describes a transverse Mercator projection?
 most parallels are straight
most meridians are curved lines
an equal area projection
a compromise projection
tangent to the equator 

What term describes a straight line of constant direction that crosses all meridians at the same angle?
great circle
standard parallel
rhumb line 

Which statement describes a Mercator projection?
 High latitude areas are exaggerated in size.
Meridians converge to the poles.
Parallels and meridians meet at different angles.
The North and South Poles are points.
The map shape is circular. 

Which statement describes an Eckert IV projection?
 The shape is rectangular.
The map is an equivalent projection.
Parallels are curved.
The direction north is always straight toward the top of the map
.Parallels and meridians all cross at right angles

Which statement describes the Goode’s Interrupted Homolosine projection?
 It is interrupted, because major areas of Earth are “left off†and not mapped.
A different projection is used for the Eastern Hemisphere than the Western Hemisphere.
It is a compromise projection.
The shape of the parallels are circles.
It is an equivalent projection. 

Which projection is noted for showing great circle routes as straight lines?

Goode’s Interrupted Homolosine
Lambert Conformal Conic

Which map projection is suitable for showing global densities of certain values such as population or worldwide distribution of earthquakes?
 Eckert IV
Lambert Conformal Conic

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