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Write a letter to David Petersen about the reaction for the video that we saw on the class. The documentary video name is “On The Wild Edge: Hunting For a Natural Life”.

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More info about the video:


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Premiered at the 2016 Documentary West International Film Festival, by Belgian filmmaker Christopher Daley


In 1980, David and Caroline Petersen settled in the mountains of southwest Colorado, having come in search of a simple, independent life balanced precariously “On the Wild Edge” between culture and nature.


During several weeks of stalking elk in the San Juan National Forest, we discover how Petersen’s practice of traditional bowhunting fosters his intimate connection with nature and inspires his passionate efforts as a conservationist.


Using “the hunt” as both a real event and a metaphor for the search we all share for love, passion, and meaning in this fleeting life, On the Wild Edge is of compelling interest for all searchers, hunters and nonhunters alike.


Documentary film, DVD NTSC, 67 minutes



Writing assignment:  The writing assignment will take the form of a professionally constructed letter to David Petersen (I’ll discuss in class).  Professionalism counts here, so make sure you double-check your spelling and sentence construction.  The length is 700 words.


The grading rubric for these letters is as follows:


Professional format – 2 pts.  This is formatting, tenor, and spelling.  Minus 5 if you fail to sign the letter or misspell the recipient’s name.  (hint… check the spelling of his name again).

Length – 2 pts.


Content – 6 points.  Thoughtful comments, making it clear that you understand the content and issues.


His address?

David Petersen, 61 Ridge Crest Drive, Durango CO  81301


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