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Warm-up Activity 4.1
Begin by reading the APA Statement on Evidence Based Practices . While this policy relates primary to work done by clinicians, the principles can be applied to all programs and practices aimed to intervene in, or prevent, a problem in the broad area of mental health.

Warm-up Activity 4.2
The Oregon Addictions and Mental Health Department has developed criteria for evaluating research on interventions. Study their position paper, and the accompanying chart in Operational Definition for Evidence-Based Practices.

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Warm-up Activity 4.3
Carefully study the analysis and critique of the concept of Evidence Based Programs and Practices in Tanenbaum, S.J. (2005).

The warm-up activities focused on defining, refining, and analyzing the concept of Evidence-Based Programs. Having read and reviewed these resources, prepare a reflection paper on Evidence-Based Programs and Practices. Be sure to include the following:

A definition of Evidence-Based Programs. 
Appropriate questions and their elements used in choosing an Evidence-Based Program. 
An explanation of an evidence continuum that you consider valid. 
Your own view of the pros and cons of the use of Evidence-Based Programs. 
A summary that evaluates the concept of Evidence-Based Programs and how you propose to utilize this concept.

Length: 5-7 pages. You do not need to include resources other than the ones identified in the assignment.

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