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The four critical training periods of childhood are a part of raising children. The nurturing of a mothers touch, and love can help a child develop better in the future life.  Feeding is considered to be a reward to a child, being hungry is considered a punishment which makes a child want to do better to get their reward.  cleanliness training is more of a patient learning experience, it rushed excessive conformity and guilt may be learned. The children then feel the need to avoid the parents to avoid punishment when not being potty trained. Early sex training is considered to be an punishment for early masturbation, The thought of children having sex and not know why the knowledge of sex is important. Anger-Anxiety conflicts come from the anger of a child that may continue to hold on to this feeling of anger. This can be labeled as angry -anxiety being punished.

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Freud’s first three psychosexual stages. Childhood can produce so many frustrations over the years that comes from childhood dependency, mental limitations, and sibling rivalry children must learn to deal with anger. Anger becomes a learned drive that motivates bad behavior. If it is unacknowledged and unlabeled, it is likely to lead to undifferentiated responses like repression. Angry feelings can be mislabeled; a child who has been punished for angry outbursts may come to label anger as “bad feeling:  rather than “angry feelings”. Children learned to develop anger as they brain beings to develop and the things they see in their development process. When a child has so many frustrations they tend to grasp the anger feeling towards others. 

Kelly’s theory is based on the concept of constructs. Even though construct vary from one person to another, we have to find a way to work with other people. If a person comes up with an idea, then it’s up to the another person to listen to their idea instead of shooting that person down before they can voice their idea. Just think that the person could come up an idea that is proven to be right then that person would want to run with that idea. But if the person comes up with an idea that is proven to be false, than that person should leave that idea alone.

Personality change can happen at anytime when emotional situations happen.  The personality change that immediately happens when a death occurs, and accidents happen, a promotion is given, a baby is being born and so on.  These personality changes are suddenly and sometimes uncontrollable.  When someone commits suicide this can also have a quick yet struggling personality change and this maybe when a theorpist will step in and began to start the healing and help with controlling this sudden change.  Emotions are usually the reason for the sudden personality changes that happen in peoples lives.  The can become so out of control that it can take being admitted inside a mental institution getting professional help can only help.


 What are the main components of an argument?What makes an argument paper different from a personal essay?How will you ensure that your argument is presented in an academic manner?

Consider the different components of an argument. Conduct a search on the Internet for a resource that elaborates on the components of an argument. What components are listed? How is each component used to convey the argument?

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