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4.2 COURSE PROJECT: PREP FOR DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY – PLANNING, WRITING, EDITING  INTRODUCTION AND ALIGNMENT See Unit 4 Introduction. Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:    Convey a clear purpose for your description  Apply descriptive literary techniques in personal writing  Select an appropriate focus and relevant details for effective description  Provide a logical ordering of details  Utilize precise, vivid language as applied from lesson readings  Demonstrate effective sentences that vary in beginnings, length, and structure and apply techniques from the lessons  Use active voice when appropriate to providing energy and interest for the reader  Present a strong understanding of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and paragraphing RESOURCES  Textbook:  The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook  Textbook: The Contemporary Reader  Media Link: “What is a Descriptive Essay”  3.1a PDF: “Active vs. Passive Voice  Media Link: “Descriptive Writing Techniques”  Media Link: “What is Onomatopoeia?”  3.1b PowerPoint: Imagery   4.1a Word: Descriptive Essay Requirements and Grading Rubric  Notes from Units 1-3 BACKGROUND INFORMATION Now that you have reviewed the requirements and rubric, please begin the planning and writing process on Day 1. You should expect to spend between 6-7 hours creating this piece for its initial presentation to your peer reviewers, so the bottom line is this:  Do not procrastinate! INSTRUCTIONS 1. Use all notes and reference sheets as you begin the brainstorming process. 2. You may use any of the Resources from Unit 3 as needed. 3. Refer to the grading rubric as you write to ensure you address all rubric components. 4. Complete a rough draft for presentation by Day 4 of the unit. 

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