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Assignment about lobbying strategies. The interest group you will write about is the AMERICAN HOTEL AND LODGING ASSOCIATION (AHLA)

AHLA are hotel owners and republicans who support Donald Trump and tax cuts he gives them but he gives them a hard time when it comes to immigration. Hotels depend on low wage immigrants to work for them.  Trumps ban on immigration makes that hard. 
hotels  generate billions in revenue. Ahla is republican.

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the best way to lobby is not to confront president directly.  a way to do that is by appealing to other other Republican congressman who represent a republican state where they have a similar problem such as agriculture and farming. Farmers depend on low wage seasonal labor immigrants to work on their farm. 
also reach out to committee members who have your same interests and connections to people in congress to attract attention and mobilize support from congress. 

Talk about the economy regarding tourism how several states depend on tourism.
Appeal to other bussinesses like farming 



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