Future of Our Education

Future of Our Education An average tablet filled with thousands of e-books weighs a billionth of a billionth of a gram more than if it were empty of data, rather than a single book that’s manually read, cannot be updated, and contains only a specific published topic. Manufacturing a single tablet requires extraction of 33 pounds of mineral, 79 gallons of water, and 100 kilowatt hours of fossil fuels resulting in 66 pounds of carbon dioxide while a single tree cut only produces an average of 17 books.
Proponents of tablets say that these are supported by teachers and students alike, because they re lighter and convenient to use than print textbooks. It can hold as many books as the owner wishes to have, plus homework, quizzes and other files, and actually improve one’s ability to understand and learn. They say that tablets can save the environment by lowering the amount of printing and increase not only students’ learning abilities but also their creativity. If there are Pros to tablets, there are also Cons.
Opponents say that these advanced technological necessities are far too expensive and can be a distraction for students. It can easily break and is time, energy and money consuming to fix. They say that these cause various health problems and other things that increase students’ excuses for not doing their homework. Above all, it requires mostly of Wi-Fi connection to be able to update its data, since it becomes quickly outdated as new kinds of technology are released in the market.

Some opponents of tablet may even use their practicality to counter the rapid escalation of the technologys popularity. But let’s face it: who wouldn’t want to use one? Generally speaking, it is obvious that there a lots of things a tablet has to offer than a plain old textbook. Using it is so intuitive that it makes learning more fun and easy. At the same time, it enables students to cut on corners instead of patiently browsing a textbook for meanings. Just one click and Voila!
There’s your homework, your project, etc. Using a tablet has advantages and disadvantages. For an instance, it is slowly wiping out the textbooks existence since the world is on its way down the lane of modernization. But do we really need to have one in order to study? Replacing the use of textbooks in order to improve the quality of learning is a dire need but let’s not forget what we did in the past and where we came from, for it is where we will predict the future of our education. By mynameismacey

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Future of Our Education
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