250 words APA 2 sources (google scholar)

For this discussion I am looking for your critique of the material presented in this module. There are three tasks for this post:
1. Indicate for me one thing you learned in this section that you did not already know. An acceptable answer might be “nothing.” I need to know that too. 
2. Which topic did you find the most interesting? An acceptable answer might also be “nothing.” I need to know that too. 
3. For topic you identified above, go out and find an article (I recommend using Google Scholar) on this topic and post the link to it here. If you found no topic interesting, then identify for me an alternative topic based on your work or personal experience that you believe should have been presented instead. 

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For the topic learned choose: This a subjected that was covered

Application Software
Organizations use databases in their application software. Your university has a student information system that allows students to change personal information, register for courses, see their schedules, etc. At the heart of
the system is a database that contains the data to support all of these activities. In business commerce, the database contains the data that supports business transactions. Take a company like Amazon: all of its product data is stored on a database. When you access the site and
browse for a specific product, you are accessing Amazon’s database.
When you purchase an item, your purchase is stored on the database. When Amazon ships the item, that data is stored on the database.
The data you access and store are in different tables in the database,
but the data is all connected through the database’s metadata and
the series of primary and foreign keys in each table.

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