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1) Charles Darwin
studied to become a doctor. 
is identified with the concept of natural selection. 
lived in New England.. 
followed his avocation as a sailor. 
2) The word evolution, as used in biology, literally means
genetic change. 
natural selection. 
genetic drift. 
3) Microevolution is the result of all of the following EXCEPT
chance variation. 
large scale patterns or trends. 
change in gene frequency. 
4) Natural selection operates to produce changes in
5) The trait of connected earlobes is considered a
beneficial trait. 
neutral trait. 
harmful trait. 
dominant trait. 
6) The great apes and first hominids arose from a common ancestor approximately ____ years ago.
5 million 
7 million 
1 million 
7) The total number of individuals in a given area of habitat is the
population growth. 
population density. 
population birth rate. 
population size. 
8) The rate of increase for a population refers to what kind of relationship between birth rate and death rate?
the doubling time between them 
their sum 
the difference between them 
their sum 
9) The growth rate
is controlled by the frequency of assisted reproduction. 
does not vary from one species to another. 
is controlled best through non-biological mechanisms. 
is controlled by the number of offspring produced. 
10) Fresh water and forests may be tapped indefinitely as long as they’re replenished. They are classified as
renewable resources. 
biogeographical resources. 
nonrenewable resources. 
ecological sources. 
11) In brown air fog, which substance combines with nitrogen dioxide in the sunlight to form photochemical smog?
water vapor 
sulfuric acid 
carbon monoxide 
12) Which gasses are considered “greenhouse gasses”?
carbon dioxide 
nitrous oxide 
all of these 
13) A benefit of global warming includes
farming in areas that were too cold in the past. 
more open shipping channels in the Arctic. 
commercial fishing in the Arctic ocean. 
all of these 
14) Serious detrimental affects of global warming include
intense rains and flooding. 
more frequent and intense droughts. 
the disappearance of glaciers thus wiping out some fresh water supplies
all of these 
15) The primary cause of desertification in the world today is
clearing and degradation of tropical forests. 
overgrazing of marginal lands. 
herbicide and fertilizer runoff. 
increased salinity resulting from irrigation practices.

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