This is an audio project that must be completed as a narrated presentation. While it may state elsewhere in the course that you can use another program for this assignment, I REQUIRE use of PowerPoint for this project. Create a PowerPoint Presentation, then record the slide show and then save as a PowerPoint Show.  Upload the Show file to Dr. Bryant for grading.  The Show file will hold your recorded audio format, but I can also access it in presentation mode to see your Notes section.  A PowerPoint Show has a different file extension than a PowerPoint Presentation.  Please see my examples.  Attached herein you will find the PowerPoint Show sample.   View in its entirety.   I will post screen shots of the PowerPoint Presentation in another post so you can see how to use Notes section.  Many of you did this for the Module 5 assignment, but if you created a Smore than you are likely not familiar. 
What exactly are you doing for this assignment?
You will “assume” the role as a facilitator to teach your peers about inclusion. This should be a 10-15 minute audiovisual presentation (around 8 – 10 slides) that covers:

Introduction of your topic/tell the audience what the topic is about and why that inclusion topic is important
Objectives of the workshop/what do you want the outcome to be from your workshop (at least 2 measurable objectives)
Key information/provide a brief literature review which is a synthesis of relevant information on which you base your training module/ workshop (remember to use scholarly sources).  Cite your sources in-text using  the Notes section of PowerPoint.  This is also the location  for your written script (the bulk of your content).  Place minimal text/content on the slides; use brief bullet pointed items on the slides. Think about the topic from an inclusion/exclusion perspective.  In other words, how might someone with this characteristic be accepted by society?  Stigmatized?  Find relevant scholarly resources. This assignment is not based on opinion or prior knowledge.  
Share a suggested activity that can be used to emphasize the objectives of the workshop. This is different than the assessment tool mentioned below.  Clearly identify on the slide that this is the activity portion of your presentation. It should be an activity that will happen DURING the presentation.  It might be a short video with audience reaction after or a quiz to measure feelings of your audience about the topic you are discussing.   Or you might choose another useful activity.
What is your assessment tool? Be sure to include what a person could do to know they have learned something i.e. quiz, answer a set of reflection question; you want to provide an assessment technique.   Provide a detailed assessment tool, do not just discuss what you might use. Clearly identify your assessment tool.  This is different than the activity mentioned above. The assessment tool should be able to measure your presentation objectives (identified earlier in the workshop). 
Please include a Title Slide at the beginning and reference page.  Remember the references should be alphabetized. 
Be sure to consider the overall presentation (i.e., background color, use of images and charts, etc.).   Avoid blank, white space.

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Student must use at least five (5) scholarly sources to complete this project; these should primarily come from full text, peer reviewed scholarly journals.  Do not use book reviews! Follow course guidelines and APA formatting. Do not forget to cite page numbers when citing your course text, scholarly journal articles, and online PDFs. 

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