Good Relationships

Good Relationships Many people have different prospective on good relationships. Relationships are not just two people who are in love and are married. A relationship can be shared between parents and child, best friends, and couples. To have an understanding or good relationship there should be trust, good communication, and respect. Trust is a key ingredient in building a good relationship. Loyalty and honesty fall into the trust category; they play a huge part in trust. Trust is something that has to be earned in any relationship. It takes time to build trust; it is not given to anyone overnight it has to be earned overtime.
Many people do not know that communication plays the biggest part in a relationship. Not having communication in a relationship can be a huge problem. It can lead to a lot of misunderstanding. In order to have a healthy relationship, there must be communication. Talking your problems or situations out will resolve many issues and conflicts. For example to resolve most of the issue try spending a day together, going out, or having a dinner. In communicating you have to listen and get an understanding for one another. Respect is what we extend understanding to another person. In any relationship respect should be extended.
If respect is not shown, or a lack of respect is given in the relationship; it should be bought to a discussion, and made clear. Effective communication, trusting each other, and having or giving respect are the main keys in building a good and effective relationship. If you are having problems in your relationship look at the three keys and ask yourself if any are ineffective, or needs to be worked on more. If yes, then work toward trying to change and fix the problem and to eliminate whatever the situation maybe. In building and rerouting your relationship keep these keys in mind. You will be sure to have a great relationship.

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Good Relationships
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