A minimum of two full double-spaced pages (many of you will write more and that’s fine!) word processed (no handwritten copies will be accepted), 12-point font Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri only, 1” margins and stapled in the upper left-hand corner. Use the standard MLA heading; you don’t need a cover page. 

Your take-home essay is to be a reflection about what you learned about Texas government and leadership in the course. The first paragraph or introduction should tell how you felt about going into the course. Were you excited about studying Texas government, or was it just a requirement? What did you hope to learn? How did you feel about the course when Dr. McConachie said it was a Leadership Development Course? 
The first part of the body of the paper should describe in seven (7) short paragraphs with two or three complete sentences, seven (7) things you now know about Texas government that you didn’t know prior to taking this class. Try to draw from throughout the semester. Tell what it is you learned, what you learned and why you chose it. Do not use a bullet list or you will be penalized. 
After these seven paragraphs, write a longer paragraph or two about how this course impacted your view of leadership. Did you learn anything about leadership? If so, what? Try to name two or three leadership learnings. Do you feel you gained anything as a leader? Why or why not? Now, please feel free to be honest. If you think the leadership component of this 

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