Happy Nation

Happy Nation What is happiness? When asked this question, many people would have many different answers. Some may refer to happiness as family, and others may declare money as one of their main reasons for happiness. Indeed, all people are different. However, happy people usually have one thing in common and it is where they live. So, what should a country have, or look like in order to deem itself the happiest? According to New York Times’ reporter Nicholas D. Kristof, Costa Rica is the current “winner” of the “World Database of Happiness. This small Central American country has accomplished monumental undertakings to deserve this enormous title. For instance, Costa Rica abolished its army, preserved nature, and made investments in education more profitable than investments in artillery. In fact, Costa Ricans can be proud of their country and fairly deem themselves the happiest nation; however, Americans, for example, can also deem their country as the happiest ones. Moreover, the United States has everything to be at the top of the list of “happy nations. A rich environment, high level education, enriched family and international relationships would be some of the reasons why American citizens may consider themselves to be the happiest nation in the world. First of all, the United States have a very rich environment to be happy with. The environment of the US consists of sparkling lakes and streams full of fish, making fishing a popular hobby of Americans sportsman. In addition, an abundance of cascading mountains and forests full of deer, wild boars, pheasants, birds and other animals make hunters and naturalists alike happy to be here.
In fact, every year more and more people retreat to the mountains and campsites to hunt or vacation and enjoy these natural amenities. To name a few others, skiing, snowboarding and biking are sports that becoming more popular these days. In 2009 for example, according to the National Ski and Snowboarders Retailers Association, 5. 5 million people participated in the sport in 2009. The United States’ national parks encourage enthusiasts from its natives and tourists from all over the world.
In addition, the US has many bodies of water, but the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, on the East and West Coasts of the United States, offer many opportunities. In fact, Americans love sea food and having access to the two largest oceans makes eating fish daily a common occurrence. Moreover, having two oceans pning two major coast lines provides picturesque sandy beaches for comfortable living and popular vacation spots. From California to Oregon, and Maine to Florida, these beaches and scenic spots draw many to live and vacation here. Besides the lakes, mountains and beaches, the United States has many more wonders of nature.

For instance, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, the Arches National Park in Utah as well as Yosemite National Park in California all of which draw many visitors. Only Grand Canyon visited 4. 41 million tourists in 2008. In addition, Niagara Falls, sharing its border with Canada is also one of the most widely visited natural attractions among Americans. In other words, the United States has an incredible environment that can easily be deemed the best in the world. The second important reason why Americans can consider themselves a happy nation is education.
American education is widely known as the best around of the world. In fact, most notable famous scientists, archaeologists and sportsman graduated from colleges and universities in the United States such as inventor Sicorsky, sportsmen Tiger Woods and a scientist Linus Pauling. Besides that, almost every person who had a chance to graduate from any of the United States’ universities countries became later successful in native country. Indeed, a diploma from an American educational institution is easily accepted in other countries; therefore, there are not difficulties with finding job .
In addition, there is also another extraordinary reason that supports American education opportunities. It is financial aid. Very few counties provide financial aid to low-income students, and American citizens who are offered this opportunity should be very proud of it. Despite the current economic downfall, the United States continues to provide this opportunity allowing students to obtain an education in higher learning. For instance, in 2008 the United States Government provided nearly 91 billion in financial aid to 104 million students.
Moreover, according to President Obama the financial aid budget will increase this year and more students will be able to finish their study. Furthermore, the American government creates special programs that allow students from foreign countries to come to the United States on student visas. Those programs are very popular among foreign students because they not only provide a decent opportunity to gain a valued experienc e, but also provide job opportunities after graduation. Briefly, high level education is one of the reasons that support America as a happy nation.
Finally, enriched family and international relationships are also good reasons that support the American “Happy Nation” theory. In fact, family, for almost every American citizen, is the biggest treasure in the world. There is no other place in the world where people send so many greeting cards to loved ones as they do here in the United States. For example, in the Ukraine cards are sent for happy events such as, birthdays, weddings or holidays, however it would be interpreted as a personal offense to receive a sympathy card when someone dies.
It is even impossible to find such kind cards in the Ukraine because they simply are not for sale! Therefore, Americans have to be proud of having such a nicely-shared tradition. Another practiced tradition that may deem as “American only” is the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, this favorite United States’ holiday is unfamiliar to other countries. Indeed, there is no other place in the world where people, once a year – no matter what, spend many hours flying or driving to spend this holiday with their loved ones enjoying family traditions.
Besides the family relationships, Americans have excellent international relationships. Around the world the United States is known as a strong, wealthy and successful county. Moreover, during international conflicts the United States’ opinion often plays an important role in the negotiating process. In fact, in 2002 the United States of America solved Arab-Israeli Conflict between Palestine and Israel. Indeed, America is looked upon for its strength. Besides good negotiation skills America is known as a very welcomed and peaceful country.
Throughout time thousands of people from hundreds of countries, despite their race or religion, settled and made their homes in the United States. In other words, a country where discrimination does not exist and holiday traditions are practiced from generation to generation can easily be deemed a joyful place in the world. The United States has everything it needs to consider it a happy country. People from around of the world who visited the US at least once noticed how glorious the United States is.
Moreover, the relationships that the American Government built over time with other countries may also be one of the reasons why American citizens are proud of their country. In addition, the high level of education that is world renowned may also make citizens feel happy. In other words, a happy nation is comprised of hard-working satisfied people who enjoy their environment, families and homes, who take pride and are patriotic, and who support educational opportunities provided by a government respected by other nations – that country is the United States of America.

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