HashMap and Final Reflection

Lessons Learned Reflection:
Write a two- to three-page summary that outlines the lessons you have learned in this programming course. Reflect on how these lessons can be applied toward more effective coding.
Final Program:
Write a program that keeps a HashMap in which both keys and values are strings—the names of students and their course grades. Prompt the user of the program to add or remove students, to modify grades, or to print all grades. With a HashMap all student names must be unique.
The printout should be sorted by name and formatted like this:
Cara: 90
John: 80
Meredith: 90
Compile your Lessons Learned Reflection, your source code, and screenshots of the application executing and results into a single document. Format your document according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements, particularly in your Lessons Learned Reflection, and support your reflection with a minimum of three sources. Include both a cover page and a reference page in your Portfolio Project.

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HashMap and Final Reflection
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