Health care in the corrections facility : Essay Fountain

Take a look at technical writing file and tips for writing file then read the assignment file to understand the requirements, after you finish write 3-4 pages about:

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Health care in the corrections facility : Essay Fountain
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First, provide a description of the organization including operating statistics consisting of; (A) location, (B) bed size, (C) medical staff size, (D) outpatient/inpatient statistics, (E) annual ER visits, (F) number of full-time employees (FTEs) and part-time employees, and (G) other relevant statistics specific to the sector of the industry.  You should identify the mission, and vision in your description.  If you have a copy of the organizational chart, include it as part of the appendix and reference it within the text.  Write to create flow and make meaning for the reader.  Listing the mission and vision without connecting it with the structure is not valuable. 
        Second, identify your assigned department by describing the organizational structure.  If you are part of a large organization, do not include all of the leaders and departments of the organization.  Focus on your specific department and the reporting chain of leadership command. (health care in the corrections facility )
        Next, identify the leadership of the organization. 

Here is the link to help you with things,4551,7-119-68854_68856_68858—,00.html 

this link is your reference  

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