Health Care Services Delivery and Finance Unit 1 DB

2-3 paragraphs; APA format; refrence

Course Description:  This course focuses on the impact that healthcare policy has on resource allocation. Students will achieve a better understanding of the public policy formulation and modification processes in addition to an awareness of critical issues in American health policy impacting healthcare managers to balance costs, quality, and access to care in various settings. 
Course Objectives:  

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Health Care Services Delivery and Finance Unit 1 DB
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Analyze and resolve problems related to healthcare services, delivery, and finance.
Classify and apply economic, financial, legal, organizational, political, and ethical theories and practices.
Compose and manage systems and processes to assess organizational performance for continuous improvement of quality, safety, and effectiveness.
Execute and employ appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques to manage and allocate human, fiscal, technological, informational, and other important resources.
Execute leadership in all levels of private and public healthcare policies, resource allocation, and priority setting.

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