Healthcare Finance

Reference the following website for helpful information to complete this assignment: 

Healthcare Financial Management Association. (2018). Mapkeys (Links to an external site.). [Website]

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Healthcare Finance
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You have recently been hired as a revenue-cycle management specialist at Raywood Memorial Hospital. Your direct supervisor, the VP of Revenue-Cycle Management, has asked you to prepare a presentation for the next stakeholder meeting. Keeping in mind, the stakeholder group is composed of both financial and non-financial professionals.

Complete the fields in the attached table, illustrating national benchmark data, and RMH data.

Supply data of your choosing anywhere red text is present

Create a brief Powerpoint presentation for the stakeholder meeting, summarizing the data contained in the excel document.

In one slide, explain the RMH’s overall fiscal condition, as defined by the metrics in the excel document.
Highlight three metrics (one per slide)

Briefly explain to the stakeholders why you chose those three to focus on for the purpose of this meeting.
Explain the relationship between national benchmarks and RMH data; providing explanations for data that falls short of, and exceeds, the benchmark.

Summarize RMH’s “next steps” in a closing slide
Include a minimum of three references, APA style, in a final slide.

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