History of Jets vs. Patriots

English 101 Analysis Essay NY Jets vs. NE Patriots Rivalry The rivalry between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots exists because of the volatile history amongst players, coaches and fans, past and present, and because of the extreme loyalty, and passion that the people associated with these two teams exhibit. New York City and Boston are approximately 3 1? 2 hours apart by car. This Rivalry is likely the largest in the history of the National Football League (NFL). Throughout the history of these two teams their rivalry record is 53-52-1.
The 53 stands for the Patriots win`s against the Jets. This shows that the games have been very close and the Patriots have one win over the Jets. The “1” stands for a “draw”. This means the game went into double over-time and stayed a tie. This is very rare to come across and it does not even happen yearly in the NFL. These teams continue to play great games and keep one of sport’s greatest rivalry`s going. Many motives throughout the history of the NFL have helped make this rivalry exciting to watch, and helped to create some of the greatest games to ever go down in the NFL.
Both of these teams are in the American Football Conference (AFC). Within this conference they are also in the same division, which is the (AFC East). The New York Jets were on top of the AFC and their rivalry against the Patriots in the early years of the NFL. New York was the first AFC team to win a Super Bowl title, dating all the way back to the 1968-1969 season. They played this game against the Indianapolis Colts, and goes down as one of the largest Super Bowl upsets in the history of the League. The whole world doubted them and the AFC was basically considered a joke during this time period.

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath, made a bold promise that the sports world has still not forgotten. This move was almost as bold and crazy as Babe Ruth calling his homerun in the World Series. He made a public promise to his team and sports fans that he would carry the Jets to win this Super Bowl. This seemed like a ridiculous promise seeing as the projections had New York losing this game by a whopping sixteen points! This Super Bowl upset was a larger upset then the 2008 game, when the New England Patriots got upset by the New York Giants.
The Giants were fourteen point underdogs and came back to beat the undefeated Patriots in the most watched sports event. These two Super bowls will never be forgotten, and they go down as two of the greatest and most memorable upsets in Super bowl history! During the time period of the late sixties when the Jets were on the rise, New England was still attempting to find their franchises identity, repeatedly getting beat by star quarterback Joe Namath and the New York Jets. Within this time period, both teams began to create fan-based families.
The rivalry basically began with the fans of the two teams. They began to hate each other. Anybody representing these two teams would be welcomed by each other, and instantaneously liked. They both agreed in the fact of having a mutual dislike for each other. Being a huge fan and a part of the huge fan community games are taken very seriously. You must have respect for the opposing team’s stadium when you are a fan at the opposing stadium. To these hard-core fans walking in to the stadium with his-respect is like, walking into their house, where their families live and showing disrespect.
This is all how the rivalry began between the Patriots and Jets. The cities mutual hate and family like bonding has helped to create this great rivalry. In this decade the New England Patriots have done remarkable things, achieving the ultimate goal of making it to the Super Bowl more than any other team in the National Football League. They have done this with star quarterback Tom Brady who was groomed and raised by arguably the greatest head coach in the history of football, Bill Belichick. Tom Brady and the Patriots have found there way to four Super Bowls since the year 2000.
This is more super bowl appearances in this time period than any other team. Not only did they make it to those four Super Bowls, but they also won three of them, only losing that great upset against the New York Giants in the 2008 Super Bowl. In the Tom Brady and, Bill Belichick era, New England has been consistently successful. The Jets have fought hard to keep up with them as they find themselves having to take it one game at a time. The New York Jets have been successful since hiring the defensive coordinator from the Baltimore Ravens, Rex Ryan.
He is a self spoken coach who loves his team and isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind. This is the kind of coach the Jets needed, someone to spark the team and never consider the team out of the play-offs. He is a defensive minded coach who loves to run the ball rather then pass it. This has helped the Jets create schemes to confuse their long time rival the Patriots. The most important recent game these two teams have faced off against was last season. It was during the 2010-1011 playoffs in the divisional championship game. This is the second round of the play-offs, and the game took place in New England.
Young quarterback Mark Sanchez from USC, and the New York Jets came out flying high and shut down the Patriots dynamic offense. The Jets defense played great and the Jets were able to make a statement to New England and the rest of the world that they are the better team, winning the three game series on the year, winning two games and losing one. The Jets won this game twenty-eight to fourteen, advancing to the AFC Conference Championship game against the Pittsburg Steelers. The Jets played a terrible first half and ended up losing their second consecutive Conference Championship, falling one game short of the Super-bowl once again.
This wasn’t all bad for the New York Jets. Mark Sanchez proved he was in New York to stay and be the franchise quarterback for years to come. In his second season in the NFL he finally quieted all of the critics proving he could win in big games. Him and second year head coach Rex Ryan have a four win, two loss record in the play-offs. All of these play-off games were played on the road against very good football teams making it more impressive for the young quarter-back and new head coach. These are all prime example of how the Patriots and Jets each show loyalty.
This is a huge reason the rivalry exists between these two teams. This most recent season which is still taking place, the Patriots have continued to win and amaze opponents and fans all around the nation. There almost perfect offense have continuously embarrassed teams and showed promise that they are on their way to their fifth Super Bowl since the year 2000. New faces are beginning to emerge in New England. One of the biggest is there new running-back Danny Woodhead. He runs the ball hard and is a great threat to catch it out of the back field at just five-foot- ten 185 pounds.
He is a quick player with the ability to change the game at any time. What makes this player so intriguing is that he was dropped by the New York Jets and scooped up off of free agency by the Patriots. Bill Belichick took Woodhead under his wing and gave him the shot that he deserved. This makes sparks the Jets-Patriots rivalry because any time you get a player playing against his former team it is always interesting. The Patriots handled the Jets this past season easily beating them in both contests in which they played each other. In these two games Danny Woodhead had two touchdowns and touched the ball endless amounts of times.
The Patriots and Jets games were once known as the Tuna Bowl; referencing former New England coach Bill Parcells who ended his famous argument with owner Robert Kraft by taking his talents back to New York to run the hated Jets. This was just one piece of the puzzle to make this rivalry great. There have been numerous events that have taken place since September of 1960 when these two teams faced off for the first time. This goes all the way back to when the NFL wasn’t even in tact yet. In the two clubs’ very first meeting, the New York Titans hosted the Boston Patriots at New York’s Polo Grounds.
The Titans looked as if they were about to win the game until there punter fumbled a snap and Boston brought it back for a touchdown to seal the first win in the New York and Boston football rivalry. The Jets argued that the ball was kicked by a Boston player which is illegal, however the call stood to lead the Boston Patriots to a twenty-four to twenty-one win over the New York Titans. Six years later, the then-Boston Patriots tied the Jets twenty-four to twenty-four at Fenway Park for the only dead-heat in the rivalry’s history.
The Patriots led twenty-four to four-teen after three quarters but two Joe Namath touchdowns and a field goal tied the game. It would also be the last time the Patriots did not lose to the Jets until October 1971. On December 8th 1985 was the first time these two teams faced off in a play-off game. The Patriots traveled to Giants Stadium where the Jets shared a stadium with the New York Giants. The Patriots offense erupted and won the game twenty-six to four-teen. This was their first play-off win since beating the Buffalo Bills in 1963 to be named the AFL divisional champions.
This was a very exciting win for the Patriots. You know it’s a great rivalry when the fans can’t be in the same stadium without causing complete chaos. Patriots and Jets fans hate each other and do not get along. This was definitely the case in October of 1976. The Patriots hosted the Jets on Monday night football, which was unofficially renamed “Monday Night Madness” when the rowdiness of drunken fans at the Patriots home field led to mass arrests by local police and the cuffing of fans to a chain-link fence when other space became unavailable.
On this Monday night game the patriots ran over New York with 330 yards rushing and five rushing touchdowns. They also tossed a late game touchdown to beat the Jets forty-one to seven. Perhaps one of the largest player swaps in the history of these two teams was hall of fame running back Curtis Martin. After playing three seasons in New England, the 2005 NFL rookie of the year became a free agent. The Patriots fought hard to keep Martin in New England but it just couldn’t work out for them as they were out bided. The Jets offered Martin a 6-year, $36 million contract, and the Patriots, low on salary cap space, opted to not match the offer.
The Jets sent a first round draft pick to New England and took Curtis Martin for the remainder of his career. Martin became the heart and soul of the team, and remained on the team until 2007 when he blew out his knee and ended his career. In 2008 star Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady was facing the Kansas City Chiefs in the first game of the regular season. He dropped back for a pass early in the first quarter when a freak accident happened that put the future hall of fame quarterbacks career in jeopardy. Chief’s lineman was looking to sack Tom Brady when he fell on Brady’s leg causing him to tear his ACL and MCL.
This put Brady out for the season and forced the Patriots to start young quarter-back Matt Castle. This was the first year the Patriots didn’t win the American Football Conference, in almost a decade. During this season the Jets and Patriots split the regular season wins one to one. The following season which was 2009, Tom Brady was back, and so were the Patriots. The first match between these two teams in 2009 was a highly anticipated game. It was the first time fresh Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, and brand new head coach Rex Ryan would face off against Tom Brady and the Patriots.
In the week prior to the game, Ryan placed a phone message to all Jets season ticket holders asking them to “make it miserable for (Tom) Brady and company,” following up on his comments during the offseason that he would not “kiss Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl rings. ” He told the Jets fans that “the Patriots had a better head coach and a better quarterback,” but that the game would decide “who has a better team. The Nose Tackle for the Jets Kris Jenkins, called this New York’s version of the Super Bowl. The Jets had not beat New England since half way hrough the 2000-2001 season, but they knew with a new coach who could spark the team, anything was possible. In the end, the Jets defeated the Patriots 16-9 in the 100th overall meeting of the rivalry series. The Jets and Patriots have both exposed passion for every single game played against each other. They play their hearts out and it’s always an exciting game to watch. The rivalry goes so much deeper than just the stats and the games. The fans and communities are passionate believers. As you can see throughout the history of the New England and New York football rivalry there have been some memorable moments, players, and games.
Both teams have been exposed to key components to have a great rivalry. These components are family, history, loyalty, and passion. The Patriots have had more success in the long run, even though the series record proves the two teams to be about equal. The patriots have made it to more Super Bowls, and Play-off games. The Patriots have quickly learned if they take the Jets lightly it will not end up in their favor. These two teams have defiantly proved they are worthy of playing great games, and this rivalry will likely never go away!

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