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Before completing your Discussion Board Forum, read the websites listed in the Reading & Study folder. These websites are also listed in a document within the Assignment Instructions folder. When you have a solid understanding of the material, reply to the corresponding permanent thread in the Discussion Board in the form of a newspaper editorial article. Use the materials you read to write assuming you are living in the time in which the event occurred and are writing to a contemporary audience who want the news and your point of view on it. Your work must be clearly supported by your readings and by biblical principles. You must take a definite position on the question posed.


Topic selection:

Select Topic 1: The Burr/Hamilton Duel – A Question of Honor or Politics

Select Topic 2: Shay’s Rebellion – Continuing the Revolution or the First Act of Treason in the United States
Select Topic 3: Nat Turner’s Rebellion – An Inspired Insurrection or Cause for Fear
Select Topic 4: The Alien and Sedition Acts – Protection or Violation of American Liberty
Select Topic 5: Women’s Rights – Do They Need Them?
Select Topic 6: The War of 1812 – Defending Sovereignty or Risking Liberty?


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