HN377 UNIT2 DBP Part2

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HN377 UNIT2 DBP Part2
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As children begin to physically mature into adults, there is a corresponding emphasis on peer relationships. Below are six aspects of child development and peer relations I want you to be aware of (See “Peer Relations and Child Development” slide on the attached handout):

–Poor peer relations are associated with discomfort, anxiety, and a general unwillingness to engage the environment
–Children master their aggressive impulses within the context of peer relations
–Sexual socialization cannot take place in the absence of peer interaction
–Peer relations are related to role-taking ability, empathy, and moral reasoning
–Children who are rejected by their peers are at greater risk for delinquency, school dropout, & mental-health problems
–Friendships are critical because they provide opportunities for learning social skills & a beginning sense of group belonging

As a response to this post, choose one of these six observations and expand on it. Why is socialization important for healthy development?

APA Format with in-text citations and references

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