Hot Discussion I/O Psychology

Discuss the following Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Assessment discussions in 150+ words with intext citations and references.

Discussion 1 – Discuss the concepts of a job analysis and its uses in organizations.

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Hot Discussion I/O Psychology
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Discussion 2 – Evaluate the reliability and validity of a job analysis.

Discussion 3 – Evaluate different performance appraisal methods.

Discussion 4 – Explain the benefits and vulnerabilities of performance appraisal methods.

Discussion 5 – Analyze the different types of psychological tests that are used in the workplace.

Discussion 6 – Feedback – Please describe the 360 degree (multi-rater) performance feedback. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 360 degree feedback process?

Discussion 7 – Multinational performance appraisal – How would you design a performance appraisal system for a multinational company that has branch offices in different countries? What factors should be considered?

Discussion 8 – Short Answer (200-300 words) – Select a psychological test and explain how it is used in the workplace. What are the pros and cons of using this particular test? What ethical issues arise when using psychological testing?

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