House Waife

• What kind of job are you looking for? “I’m looking for a position that is going to help make a company better and challenge me based on my experience and background. ” • What are you looking for in a job? “I’ve enjoyed the challenge of learning in just about every job I’ve had” and, again, “I’m looking for a position that’s going to help make a company better and challenge me. ” • What do you look for in a job? “Well, I’d like the work to be challenging. I enjoy being challenged every day.
By being challenged I’m going to grow personally and professionally, and I find if I’m growing personally and professionally, the economics, benefits and many things like that will always take care of themselves” • How do you define success? When I contribute to a successful organization, I am successful. We both grow. ” Then perhaps relate a story about how “successful” you were in your last one or two jobs. Remember, people love stories, and they remember them long after they remember most everything else. You really don’t have as much experience as we would like; why should we hire you? You know, it’s very interesting, and every job I’ve ever had I never went in to the job having all of the experience that my previous employers wanted. In fact, I went into three of them where I was hired simply because I had more potential than any other candidate. As you can see, I have been successful in every position that I’ve been in even though I had no experience before I started.
Some people catch on to things more quickly than others and I happen to be one who is blessed that way. I’m a quick learner and I’ve been able to pick up the things that I didn’t necessarily have any experience with and do extremely well. ” • Have you ever “failed” in a job? “Well, I’m like a ballplayer that never really lost—he just ran out of time. Even the very few things that I look back on and others might see as ‘failures,’ I really see as setbacks.

Like most people, not everything that I’ve ever done has turned out as perfectly as I would have liked. But even when it didn’t, I’ve learned from it. ” • If you could choose any organization to work for, whom would you go to? “Unequivocally, this company is absolutely the one I would go to work for, • Describe a major project that you have worked on and how it contributed to the overall good of your employer successful project Salary Transfer to Banks

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House Waife
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