How Important Is Postgraduate Education Education Essay

First, Jie Liu believes that it is critical for every graduate student selling instruction supplier to understand the three features of a graduate student selling pupil which are motivations, outlooks and readiness. Liu divided the factors that may possibly actuate pupils to take postgraduate selling instruction into intrinsic, extrinsic and calling related. In a research executed by Liu where questionnaires were distributed to marketing pupils of four different British universities, the consequence depicted that what motivated pupils for marketing graduate student surveies were intrinsic and calling related factors. This means that pupils chose the postgraduate selling plan at their ain will so that it could assist them construct a calling and supply them with greater chances. This is the ground why there are legion international pupils in the United Kingdom as several pupils from developing states such as India and China believe that analyzing abroad can assist them achieve suited occupations. “ It is promoting to happen that far more of the Chinese pupils, who have invested so much in footings of household fundss and attempt to travel to the UK to analyze, were optimistic instead than pessimistic about their calling chances ” ( Counsell 2011:71 ) . In respects to outlooks, Liu states that all pupils expected that they would be provided with theoretical every bit good as practical cognition on the topic. Graduate student pupils have high outlooks that the programme will learn them a batch which will be of significance in their hereafter. Furthermore, Liu identifies the feature of readiness to be indispensable. Postgraduate pupils need to be prepared, holding an apprehension of the class and a series of accomplishments to assist them get by with their graduate student instruction. Liu so distinguished place and international pupils in respects to preparedness after transporting out a farther analysis. The consequences showed that international pupils were less prepared than place pupils. There are assorted grounds as to why an international pupil could be less prepared such as different larning techniques, trouble in understanding the linguistic communication, civilization daze and non being able to accommodate to the British environment. Therefore, Liu seeks to supply cognition about graduate student selling instruction in the United Kingdom by mensurating the motivations, outlooks and readiness of graduate student selling pupils.
Second, the article written by Liu has its ain strengths and failings. The extreme advantage of the article is that it focuses on a peculiar field which is postgraduate selling instruction. This could help other selling research workers and leaders with their survey as there are limited researches stressing on graduate student selling programme. In add-on, Liu succeeds in making an understanding about motivations, outlooks and readiness of graduate student selling pupils which would back up graduate student selling suppliers to plan their programme consequently. With these assets, the article does keep out defects every bit good. The research prepared by Liu where questionnaires were given out to marketing pupils of four British universities did lend accurate replies but there were restrictions. As stated in the article, the research was made utilizing the questionnaires returned by 90 five pupils which is comparatively a little figure for a research made for graduate student selling instruction and the four British universities surveyed were all set in a peculiar geographical country in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Liu references that a individual quantitative method is used in informations aggregation and that there is no qualitative attack practised in the research. Even so, Liu points out differences between place and international pupils which could be imprecise as with such a little study it is non plausible to carry through a clear and broad image. “ Provision of higher instruction for international pupils has become an of import beginning of income for Western universities and these pupils have attracted research attending ” ( Huang 2008:1003 ) . Therefore, even with an copiousness of facts, the article seems uncomplete and lacks preciseness.
Third, Liu decidedly recognises the turning importance of graduate student selling instruction and wants postgraduate selling pupils every bit good as the graduate student selling suppliers in the United Kingdom to profit from the programme. Since international pupils constitute bulk of the programme, Liu believes that these international pupils should have maximal advantage. Marketing instruction suppliers should be able to assist, back up, and understand international pupils so as to better the experience for pupils which would back up United Kingdom to keep onto its prima place in the instruction market globally. “ At a clip when higher instruction establishments are developing schemes to spread out the Numberss of graduate student pupils, placing the academic and societal demands of full-time graduate student pupils is of paramount importance ” ( Humphrey and McCarthy, 1999:371 ) .

To reason, Liu mentions that international pupils come all the manner to the United Kingdom, paying a monolithic sum of fee, therefore, there money should be valued and they should be provided with a theoretical and practical cognition experience. This would present an advantage to the pupils and the instruction suppliers in the United Kingdom.

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How Important Is Postgraduate Education Education Essay
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