How Science and Technology have had a positive or negative impact on historical and modern day socie

This must be a 4 page essay single spaced. Choosing a side in which you believe Science and Technology has has a positive or negative effect and what that impact would be in terms of our historical and modern day society. No citation required. No footnotes or end notes. No research necessary except you may use information and examples / arguments from the novel “Neil Postman. Technopoly, Random House Of Canada Limited, 1992. ISBN: 9780679745402″This is recommend, as it was our class novel. I will attach notes i have on the novel. Instead citing the novel just use terms/wording/structure like “as argued” or “as presented” in the textbook…please focus on these elements:- Rate of change – introduction, theory and historiography- The dawn of technology and science-Why change? – technology and politics -God, religion, money, and technology-Why do we trust science? – ways of knowing -Industrialization, technological positivism, capitalism and social/environmental cost of progresswith these examples use theory from -birth of technology and invention of the plow-Greek tails of technological advancement (Aristotle, Archimedes, First research institution, how they used technology for social control)-Roman Construction technologies-China and iron production, Alchemists, Pistols, hand guns, large cannons, compass, rocketry, introduction of paper is very important-External factors: Niel Postman-Western world and how in history rapid change = progress -God, religion, Money, Technology in Medieval Europe-islamic introduction of Algebra -impact of christianity -Johannes Gutenberg (1450)-Mechanical clock very important. -Richard of Wellingford wanted to solve the solution of needing to pray at certain times-side effects of this?Why do we trust science?- scientific revolution 1400-1700’s-science as a social practice now!!- Nicolaus Copernicus 1473-1543-Johannes Kepler 1571-1630-Galileo Galilei 1564-1642- very important –> this shift to empirical observation over philosophy / logicFrancis Bacon 1561-1626-Bacons “new method”Industrial revolution:- religion, social values, economy, government-Factory system introduced environmental damage-James watt 1736-1792- Marc Brunel 1769-1849 introduced the assembly line-talk about Luddites 1811 propoganda-the new law “destruction of machines now punishable by death”With an emphasis on: ****** -Globalization, internet, time/space and integration of systems-Gender inequity in science and technology-The way we live – design, art, technology and science-From the “greatest thing in history” to the greatest disaster – ethical, social, and moral dimensions ofscience/technology-The cost of lies – politics in science and technology-“tools of our tools” – from invisible technologies to globalization , video games, virtual reality, and artificial intelligenceI will attach notes to the second “emphasized” aspects- and update them periodically in the next 24 hours for your use-age. Please use more of the info in my notes and what i typed above this. Any extra research in which wasn’t portrayed in his class will be taken away marks. Do not stress this, as i will have time to go through once you are finished, edit and add or take out any info in which was not portrayed. Important Please read:This is an argumentative essay in which you have the choice to be pro or against science and technology. It is crucial you talk about early greeks and romans, to medieval and modern Britain and also the modern western world. As you can see the objectives work in a time line building up from history to modern day. I know it says it must be done in 24 hours cause thats what i paid for… but if you take a little over thats fine. I just need this to be completed by Wednesday April 14th by 12 noon absolutely latest. VERY IMPORTANT:Please, feel free to email me at any time, to give further explanation or examples if you deem necessary. Please check the attached documents because i will be adding to it as the day progresses. Please, if there is a name you see and want to use, but i have not given enough info or you cannot come up with valid examples. Please, please, email me. I would love to help in any way i can. This essay is an argumentative one in which it’s broadcasting how much knowledge we learned in the class. NOT what we can research. I know obviously you were not in the class, hence why i emphasis email me for help/questions and i emphasis that it doesn’t need to be completed by April 13th @ 8pm. But rather i will have until noon on April 14th.EMPHASISE: MOST IMPORTANT TO WRITTING THIS- This argumentative essay is not a historical essay, but rather a argument on how and why technology has changed society for the better or worse and the relationship of science and technology has with modern day society whether its positive or negative.

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How Science and Technology have had a positive or negative impact on historical and modern day socie
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