How the Internet Effect Culture

Evaluate how the internet has impacted culture Introduction Nowadays internet have been effected many areas of our ways of life, work and the culture very much. Primarily, I need to define the culture, culture refers to the Culture consists of model, explicit and implicit, of and for behavior acquired and transmitted by symbols, constituting the distinctive achievement of human groups, including their embodiments in artifacts. Hofestede, 1997) According to Brown, A (1995)and Schein, E (1994), a simple of way defining culture is shared meaning and behavior rules, that’s basic means that the culture need to communication or shared and behavior rules in the groups This easy will evaluate how the internet has impacted culture. Internet effect culture completely in variety of different ways, these could divide by positive and negative effect on culture in totally.
People have different ideas as for the topic; some people believe that the internet brought so many negatives for us. However, I will attempt to demonstrate that the positive effect of internet on education, economic and communication in the essay. It is clear that internet have many benefits effect on culture. With the easy accessibility of information, cultures have been able to advance in many ways.
Education is a particularly way in which achievement of culture has occurred, recently, People can learn about anything using the internet. For example there are many organizations and companies set up the training class online, such as the business skill, accounting, art and some else like these are slowly popular in common, and also there are some school adopt the distance education, in result of that students needn’t to go to school.

The above evidence illustrates that the internet improving the education advancement and people can be easy get a lots of information and also study knowledge by themselves online. (Chad Stetson,) Cultures have also advanced economically according to Hermeking, M. (2005) discuss that the internet allow for marketing and selling products and by comparison, nowadays there are more shopping ways than before, and so many people choose shopping online, some shopping websites like EBay and ASOS.
And in other hand, the business are growing because the internet allow the firms could be base on internet, for example, Face book is a company solely run on the internet, moreover some companies have a services online, such as the stock market and bank online as well, you can focus on information that change and add, at every time and anywhere. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the internet also caused that the culture advanced economically, the business are more efficiency and readily. Hermeking, M. (2005) It is evident that internet increased the culture of communication.
For example according to Karen Boyajy Doctoral Candidate (2004) the internet has been became society’s primary source of communication, and the e-mail is a excellent way to communicate with people and send files, for instances photos and documents and some else like these, in the same way, the social networking such as Facebook and Twitter allow people communicate in real time by status updates and these social net-working are the most popularity nowadays it became the mainstream culture ,people communicate their ideas the daily life via these blogs and chat forums.
To sum up internet increased the culture of communication, and bring the benefits which are people could enjoy the entertainment make the friends from difference place and also more convenience than before. Some authors take the opposite view that there is much incorrect information on internet.
Nowadays, in the whole of the internet environment every one could set websites by themselves, therefore the contents are hard to hard to differentiate between them, and also in some legitimate websites have many mendacious advertisement and usually these information order to obtain the profit to make the unrealistic result the medicine is a practically example. Some people want to lose weight by medicine instead of exercise as result of that buy these false products online. Once people to search it probably get the damage for them health.
Some people, however, claim that due to the companies and Hackers caused the uses privacy get threaten. According to the Morgan (2012) the hackers steal more than 6. 5 Million Passwords, according to Norwegian website Dagens. Many of those hacked passwords have now been decrypted. And in addition, the iOS App Leaks User Info. The problem affects users that enable the feature which allows them to view their iOS calendar within the app, computer crime have many harms in various areas for example the Transnational nature of computer crime and the loss is big, development is rapid, wide range. Enotes) Not everyone agrees with the above claims, the internet promote the globalization culture. And in result of that a lots of cultures are losing (Hubpages). The cultures of the countries that have more powerful than others, because, the rich countries produce many things that can effect cultures, there are many evidences could be demonstrate, For example . the clothes, the Hollywood movies have the USA culture and technologic products such as Apple’s electronics.
Owing to the push of globalization some countries people are ignorant and follow blindly to absorb new culture and give up the original culture of them. Therefore, globalization damages small cultures which in risk of being extinct (NaikLast 2011) Probably, these views may seem persuasive, but as for first contrasting ideas are not certain ideas. Although, there the so many incorrect information and false adverting online, the most websites are academic normal and credible, such as England’s website the BBC NEWS (2012) and the USA’S American VOICE RIDIO and the China’s CCTV NEWS.
People could be get the information from these websites. Such as the business news sports music anything else like these. Constitutionally these websites are usually given the creditable information and knowledge.. As for the second contrasting idea while this claim may seem plausible at first, because of the damage are huge and seriously, as for the activities to steal others people privacy to profit is a criminal act. The all of the governments or others specialize department will adopt the ways to solving and limit these situation. ENOTES) The third contrasting ideas in reality, however, this view is not very persuasive because the push of the globalization culture are challenge and opportunities, the reasons why these new culture probably new force and passion, moreover it could improving the culture of them, and in addition, learn the new culture keep the step of the world don’t seclude the country from the outside world. Because the whole of the world are absorbing the difference culture from difference for example the Hollywood movies are always using the difference culture in it such as the kungfu panda combine the Chinese culture and America culture (2004)
In the end of the presentation, I would like to say something. The internet will continue to change our cultures in many ways with future advances and increasing usage. It is very important to study the effects it produces so we can learn how to limit the negative effects and boost the positive effects. By studying these effects, we can ensure that the future holds great possibilities References list (n. d)http://ruud. hubpages. com/hub/Disadvantages-of-Globalization McKenzie E (n,d,) The Impact of the Internet on Globalization retrieved from http://www. ehow. om/info_12040126_impact-internet-globalization. html The Advantages & Disadvantages of The Internet Available at http://www. pondered. org/the_internet. html Justyna P Negative Effects of Internet Usage Available at http://www. ehow. com/info_8115765_negative-effects-internet-usage. html (no date)(Accessed:26 March 2013) Morgan G, Cross (2012) Hackers Steal 6. 5 Million Passwords iOS App Leaking User Info Available at:http://searchenginewatch. com/article/2182542/LinkedIn-Hackers-Steal-6. 5-Million-Passwords-iOS-App-Leaking-User-Info http://instagram. om/about/legal/privacy/(2012)(Accessed:26 March 2013) Carney1 R (2009) The Internet’s Impact on Culture: Shifting the Balance to the Center pp. 355_364 Vol. 9, No. 4, Hermeking, M. (2005). Culture and Internet consumption: Contributions from cross-cultural marketing and advertising research. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 11(1), article 10. 10TH October 2012 http://www. bbc. co. uk/webwise/guides/what-is-the-internet Mazzarella W (2004) CULTURE, GLOBALIZATION, MEDIATION Annual Review of Anthropology; 33, Academic Research Library pg. 345 http://www. enotes. com/internet-article

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