How to Improve Employee Motivation Organizations

Tiltle : Organizational Behaviour Assignment # 03 Assignment Tiltle: How to Improve Employees Motivation in our organization in context of Motivational Theories. Submitted By : Engr Adnan Khalid E/M-SPR10-062 Submitted To: Prof Suhail Rizvi Motivation is the activation of goal-oriented behavior. Motivation is said to be intrinsic or extrinsic. The term is generally used for humans but, theoretically, it can also be used to describe the causes for animal behavior as well.Introduction To Key Motivational Theories: Following are some of the main Management motivational theories.
Maslow’s Need of hierarchy : (Motivational Factors Hierarchy) Two Factors Theory : 1. Hygiene Factors 2. Motivational Factors ERG Motivational Theory : 1. Existence 2. Relational 3. Growth How Can we Improve Motivation In Employees Of Our Organization (DESCON Chemicals Pvt Ltd): 1. Understand their behaviour: People at work naturally tend to adopt instinctive modes of behaviour that are self-protective rather than open and collaborative.
This explains why emotion is a strong force in the workplace and why management often reacts violently to criticisms and usually seeks to control rather than take risks. So, in order to eliminate this kind of perspective and to increase employee motivation, it is best that you influence behaviour rather than to change personalities. Insisting what you expect from your employees will only worsen the situation. 2. Be sure that people’s lower-level needs are met: People have various kinds of needs. Examples of lower-level needs are salary, job security, and working conditions.In order to increase employee motivation, you have to meet these basic needs.

Consequently, failures with basic needs nearly always explain dissatisfaction among staff. Satisfaction, on the other hand, springs from meeting higher-level needs, such as responsibility progress, and personal growth. When satisfaction is met, chances are employee motivation is at hand. Employee motivation as it relates to employees satisfaction is vitally important. And, it goes way beyond just a “happier workforce. ” Why?Because there is an undeniable link between satisfied, motivated employees, and satisfied customers. In other words, focus on creating satisfied employees, focus on employee motivation, and those motivated, satisfied employees will take care of your customers.
3. Encourage pride: People need to feel that their contribution is valued and unique. If you are a manager, seek to exploit this pride in others, and be proud of your own ability to handle staff with positive results. This, in turn, will encourage employee motivation among your people. 4.Listen carefully: In many areas of a manager’s job, from meetings and appraisals to telephone calls, listening plays a key role. Listening encourages employee motivation and, therefore, benefits both you and your staff.
So make an effort to understand people’s attitudes by careful listening and questioning and by giving them the opportunity to express themselves. 5. Build confidence: Most people suffer from insecurity at some time. The many kinds of anxiety that affect people in organizations can feed such insecurity, and insecurity impedes employee motivation.Your antidote, therefore, is to build confidence by giving recognition, high-level tasks, and full information. In doing so, you only not refurbish employee motivation but boost productivity as well. 6.
Encourage contact : Many managers like to hide away behind closed office doors, keeping contact to a minimum. That makes it easy for an administrator, but hard to be a leader. It is far better to keep your office door open and to encourage people to visit you when the door is open. Go out of your way to chat to staff on an informal basis.Keep in mind that building rapport with your staff will effectively increase employee motivation. 7. Use the strategic thinking of all employees: It is very important to inform people about strategic plans and their own part in achieving the strategies.
Take trouble to improve their understanding and to win their approval, as this will have a highly positive influence on performance and increasing employee motivation as well. 8. Develop trust: The quality and style of leadership are major factors in gaining employee motivation and trust.Clear decision making should be coupled with a collaborative, collegiate approach. This entails taking people into your confidence and explicitly and openly valuing their contributions. By simply giving your staff the opportunity to show that you can trust them is enough to increase employee motivation among them. 9.
Delegate decisions : Pushing the power of decision-making downward reduces pressure on senior management. It motivates people on the lower levels because it gives them a vote of confidence.Also, because the decision is taken nearer to the point of action, it is more likely to be correct. Consequently, by encouraging them to choose their own working methods, make decisions, and giving them responsibility for meeting the agreed goal will encourage employee motivation among your staff. 10. Appraising to motivate :When choosing methods of assessing your staff’s performance, always make sure that the end result has a positive effect on employee motivation and increases people’s sense of self-worth. Realistic targets, positive feedback, and listening are key factors.
At times, managers unknowingly sabotage employee motivation by failing to recognize the positive behaviors and achievements of their employees. As a result, employees don’t know whether or not they are doing a good job. 11. Employee Motivation Through Recognition: Many people will do for recognition what they will not do for money. And, this is the manager’s secret weapon for employee motivation. Some people are motivated by the opportunity to get their name on the wall, receive a trophy at an annual banquet, or see their name in the company newsletter.It gives them an “emotional payoff” for their actions.
Look for ways to increase employee motivation by recognizing excellence in the workplace. Ring a bell every time an individual or team hits the production target. Put up posters with the photographs of team members who have had the most days without accidents. Give out awards for attendance records. Just do something. It is so inexpensive, yet highly effective in your efforts of employee motivation. 12.
Honor your promises: Getting people to give their all requires following through on promises. If you tell an employee that he or she will be onsidered for a bonus if numbers improve or productivity increases, you’d better put your money where your mouth is. Failure to follow through on promises will result in a loss of trust — not only that person’s trust, but the trust of every employee that hears the story. 13. Match tasks to talents. You can improve employee motivation by improving employee confidence. Assign individuals with tasks you know they will enjoy or will be particularly good at.
An employee who is successful at one thing will have the self-confidence to tackle other projects with renewed energy and excitement.

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