Hrm Overnight Tour 2011

PROJECT PROPOSAL I. PROJECT TITLE:“HRM Overnight Tour 2011” II. PROJECT PROPONENT:BSHRM 4-1 III. PROJECT RATIONALE: The HRM Educational Tour 2011 is open to all HRM and non-HRM students of Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences. It is an experience which will afford students the opportunity to be familiarized with hotel operations, attend seminars, appreciate nature’s beauty and build friendship amongst each other. By attending this tour, student will be able to better understand what’s behind their chosen career/course and experience learning outside the four corners of the room. IV. PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Short-Term Objectives . To introduce the HRM students in learning outside the four corners of the room. 2. To introduce students to the different divisions of the hotel involving administrative and operation functions. 3. To assist students in determining their areas of interest with the wide array of career choices when working for the hotel or the hospitality industry in general. 4. To give the students the opportunity to attend seminars and experience hands-on activity. 5. To give the students a chance to appreciate nature’s beauty. 6. To let the students have fun, bond and at the same time build friendship among each other.
Long-Term Objectives 1. To help market the school internally and externally. a) Internally – the said educational tour can help market the school, especially to HRM student, because it will leave a lasting impression into the students mind. It will definitely leave an impression that our school doesn’t only offer quality education but also give the students the opportunity to experience learning outside the four corners of the room. b) Externally – because of the lasting impression left into the existing students’ minds, by words of mouth, the students themselves will serve as effective marketing tool. . To contribute to the school’s vision of producing graduates who can compete in industrial and technological skills. V. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The HRM Educational Tour 2011 is a two-day experience that provides a program consisting of hotel familiarization tour, introduction of the divisions of a hotel, seminar facilitated by departmental trainers of the hotel, trainings, actual demos, student participation, overnight accommodation at a hotel, environmental appreciation and lastly, recreation.
The first stop of the tour is Subic International Hotel where the students will be familiarized with the hotel and trained in the administrative and operational function of the hotel. The training will be facilitated by Departmental Trainers of the hotel who are certified by the Subic International Hotel’s Human Resources Department ensuring that quality training is delivered. The training will include powerpoint presentations, actual demos and student participation. At the end of the training, students will be toured at the back and front areas of the hotel.

All the participants will also experience having all their meal, from breakfast to dinner, at the hotel and are free to use the hotel’s swimming pool, mini gym and sauna. The next day, second stop will be at the Subic Ocean Adventure where participant are entitled to a “Mariners’ Package” where they could enjoy a guided park tour, watch the Dolphin and Sea Lion’s show, visit the Ocean Discovery Aquarium, photo opportunity with the SBMA mascot and lastly, entrance to the Adventure Beach for lunch and a refreshing afternoon swim.
After the two days of skill and knowledge enhancing programs, warm accommodating, good food, nature appreciation and recreation at its best, students will definitely say that studying at Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences is the best. VI. PROJECT DURATION: October 1 to October 2, 2011 HRM Overnight Tour 2011 General Schedule of Activities: October 1, 2011 DAY 1 TimeActivity 5:00 – 6:00AM:Registration and Boarding 6:00 – 10:00AM:Trip to Subic International Hotel 10:00 – 10:00 PM:Hotel Tour Training/ Seminar Lunch Accommodation Swimming/Gym/Sauna Dinner 10:00 PM OnwardsSleeping time
October 2, 2011 DAY 2 TimeActivity 6:00 – 7:00 AM:Breakfast at Subic International Hotel 7:00 – 8:00 AM:Hotel Check-out 8:00 – 8:30 AM:Trip to Subic Ocean Adventure Theme Park 8:30 – 12:00 NN:Guided park tour and D&SL Show 12:00 – 1:30 PM:Lunch at Adventure Beach 1:30 – 4:30 PM:Enjoyment of the Beach 4:30 – 7:30 PM:Trip back to Antipolo (SCAS) (end of tour) VII. TARGET BENEFICIARIES Target beneficiaries of HRM Educational Tour 2011 includes: HRM students, interested students from other programs and HRM faculty members.
We are also inviting old HRM students and even SCAS graduates to join the said tour. We are expecting, at least, fifty (50) participants excluding the *faculty members and non-HRM students/ **outsider/ graduates. *HRM faculty members’ are subject to a twenty percent (20%) discount if the expected numbers of participants are not met. *HRM faculty members’ are free of all charges if the expected numbers of participants are met. **Companion or invited company by students are considered outsider. VIII. PROPOSED BUDGET (for 50 participants)
Expenses BudgetPer person charge Transportation P 25,000. 00P 500. 00 / pax Insurance Toll and Parking Subic International Hotel P 127,000. 00P 2,540. 00 / pax Hotel tour Seminars/Training Accommodation Meals (4) -Lunch -Dinner -Breakfast -Lunch Ocean Adventure *Other expenses P 5,000. 00P 100. 00 / pax Tarpaulins Waiver forms Contract signing Paperwork SCAS Certificate *Contingency Fund P 23,000. 00P 460. 00 / pax TOTAL = **P 180,000. 00 **P 3,600. 00 / pax **all income and expenses are subject for auditing. all the excess of the fund will be divided into two (2), half will go to the HRM Society fund while the other half will proceed to the treasury of SCAS or as instructed by the SCAS Accounting Department. IX. MONITORING AND EVALUATION The HRM Educational Tour 2011 will be supervised by the officers of the BSHRM 4-1 Events Committee especially the HRM Department Head, HRM Faculty Members, Event Chairman, Events Finance Officer, Events Marketing Officer and Events Program & Logistics Officer. They will make sure that the flow of the activity/program will be safe and properly executed.
They will also observe the participation of all the participants in the said tour/event. Also, all the participants and their parent/guardian are required to sign a waiver form declaring that the academe and its management will not be held liable for any untoward incident while the participant is engaged in the said tour. Nonikko Dizon Mendoza President, SCAS HRM Society Chairman, Events Committee CC: President Executive Vice President Dean for Academic Affairs Office of Student Affairs Department Head, HRM Accounting Department

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