Some philosophers, like Anselm, have explored the question of whether theism or atheism is logically more sensible.  Philosopher theologians, like Augustine and Aquinas, argued that everything in nature points logically to the existence of God and clearly supports the believer’s faith. 
But there is also the problem of evil.  Many religions tell us that God is perfect: all-knowing, all-powerful, and beneficent.  The problem of evil presents what seems to be a contradiction to this notion of God.
For this week’s discussion, answer question 1, and then also answer either question 2 or question 3 (your choice on 2 or 3):
1) From the materials for this week, select one of the arguments for the existence of God and explain why you do or do not find it convincing.  Why do such arguments not work for convincing most people about God?  In your view, is faith in God the same today as it was in the past?  Explain.  What might happen to God and humanity if no one believed in God?  Is belief in God necessary to human survival and well being?
2) If God is perfect: all-knowing, all-powerful, and beneficent, then why then do bad things happen to perfectly good people and innocent creatures?
3) Listen to at least one of the following songs that speak of God.  How does the song address the question of God and/or the problem of evil?  What do you think about what you hear as the message of the song about God and/or the problem of evil?
 “Dear God” by Sarah McLachlan – 

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