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You are an International Human Resource Management (HRM) Consultant. You have been given a contract to go into the organisation and it will be your responsibility to respond to the following three questions:

As an International Human Resource Management Consultant what are the issues? In this question you need to explain what the issues are in the case study.

1.How should Human Resource Management deal with the issues in the case?

2.Explain how HRM should ensure the issues are not repeated, taking into consideration the international environment.

3.What is your plan to present to the organisation?

You need to make a solid recommendation to the company and present them with an implementation plan to eliminate the issues. Write short report style answers to these three questions




Human Resource Management refers to practice of the recruitment and the management of the employees in an organization. The human resources are responsible for overseeing the policies that helps in governing the workers of a firm (Noe et al., 2017).  The department of the human resources makes the effective use of the employees that helps in reducing the risk in a company. It helps in maximising the return on the investment which ensures the profitability of a company. The human resources helps in implementing the measures which can address the ethical and the social challenges of a company. The human resources helps in carrying out actions that helps in ensuring efficiency of a company. No Name aircraft is involved in building and selling the aircraft to that of 50 countries that are spread across the world. The company operates outside Australia and it has subsidiaries in the three countries of China, Singapore along with Vietnam. This report discusses about the issues that are prevailing in No Name aircraft and the measures that can be taken by the managers that can be useful in resolving the issues. The report elucidates on the implementation plan that can help in moving the solutions into the action.


Issues in No Name Aircraft

There are various kinds of issues that prevail in No Name aircraft that affect the performance of employees. There exists a communication breakdown in between the integrated teams that creates barriers in the path of performance of workers. A negative culture has developed in the company and the staffs of the company have developed the tendency of resisting the changes taking place in the company. The management teams of the home country have stated that quality is a problem which is leading to losses for the company (Bratton & Gold, 2017).  The customers are not satisfied with the lack of the quality which is harming the consumer base of the company. The stakeholders have sent letters to the CEO of the company Adam O Meara that in the event of not improving the quality of the aircrafts within the next six months the partial payments would be withhold. There are around 50 teams of the company who are responsible for the assembly of the aircraft however there exists lack of the integration in between the teams. There exists resentment among the teams which disrupts the work that is being carried on in the company. The lateral and the horizontal communication in between the teams are compromised and the staff members do not receive the adequate instructions that can aid in the process of execution of the work (Mondy & Martocchio, 2016). 

There exists a simple policy in the company in relation to the diversity management that does not help in addressing the real problems that the workers have to face in the organization. It has been found that in the headquarters of the company there exists the intolerance in relation to working with the people who are from the various generations which affects quality of the work (Sparrow, Brewster & Chung, 2016).  The senior people in the management do not want to work with the apprentices that strains the working relationships in between the people. The people who have disabilities are not recruited in China that tarnishes the reputation of the company. The managers ignore the job applications of the people having the disabilities that goes against the principle of the equitable representation of the employees in a company. The discrimination taking place in the area of recruitment can result in the legal action by the rejected candidates that can spoil name of the company (Reiche et al., 2016). 

There are also international performance management issues in the company that is impeding the success of the company. The performance reviews are carried out by the human resources in Australia but the subsidiaries do not hold any kind of the performance reviews that has a negative effect on morale of employees. There is the dearth of any kind of formal appraisal process pertaining to the expatriates that deteriorates the performance of employees (Brewster et al., 2016).  The headquarters does not consider economic factors that can have an effect on business targets that is a hurdle in the path of the performance management of the company. There does not exist any measures that can help in the consideration of the culture and the local practices that declines the performance of workers.

There is not adequate facility for the training and the development that impedes the activities going on in the company. The expatriate training in relation to the people who are leaving Australia so that they can work within China takes place for a short span of the time that is half a day that does not prove to be helpful for the workers. The employees are not provided with the opportunity of providing the feedback in relation to the expatriate training that can help in improving on the training that is delivered to the employees. There does not exist any kind of systematic workforce planning that can help in the development of knowledge of employees of the company (Stone & Deadrick, 2015).  There is the dearth of the management development programs that can help in the development of skills of the workers that can help them in meeting their professional goals. It can help in ensuring effective succession plan for the people who are in the positions of management of the company. The workers of the company are not aware regarding the career prospects that discourages them in carrying out proper work in No Name aircraft. The people in the senior management cannot develop the junior employees that has an adverse effect on element of promotion in the company. The dearth pertaining to the professional development reduces the motivation of employees of the company.


Role of human resources in solving issues

There are certain criteria that can be developed by the human resources of No Name aircraft which can help in ensuring the process of the successful international transfer. The employees who have moved to the other countries should be empowered with the local knowledge that can help in the removal of the cultural differences. It can help in maintaining the sense of the belonging that can break down the communication barriers of the company. The human resources should develop the strategies that can make employees of the different ages in feeling accomplished that can act as a catalyst in bringing about the improvements in the performance of the employees. The home country can incorporate a policy pertaining to the Diversity and the Inclusion that can be of help for the organization (Holck, Muhr & Villeseche, 2016).  There should be equal opportunities laws that can help the company in avoiding the discriminatory policies in the company. No Name aircraft can take recourse to the Equal Opportunity Act that can help in providing the equal opportunity for the Australians. It can prevent the humiliation of the workers which can be instrumental in providing a productive workforce. The subsidiary of No Name aircraft in China can abide by the Law on the Protection of Disabled Persons that can be instrumental in protecting the lawful interest of the disabled persons that can help them in participating fully in the social life (Humanrights.gov.au., 2019).  

It can help in the facilitation of the diverse perspectives that can make the employees feel welcomed in the company. It can help in engaging the people who are younger in the company which can act as a positive force in the company. It can help in improving the relationship in between the senior and the junior staff in the company that can spell the success of the company (Guest, 2017).  A diversity task force can be created in the company that can help in providing the leadership and directing the diversity efforts of the company. A broad section of the employees can be considered that can help in making the just decisions in the company. It should include people from the various races, ages along with the sexual orientation that can help No Name aircraft in solving the issues.

There should be performance evaluation methods in the subsidiaries of No Name aircraft that can boost the performance of the workers. There should be 360 degree feedback that can help in making the employees stay motivated in the event of working in company. It can furnish the opportunities to the employees in appraising the managers along with the peers that encourages the employees. There should be an online feedback system that can help in distributing the questionnaires in a quick manner (Cascio & Boudreau, 2016).  It would help the participants in getting the notifications that can help in the completion of the 360 degree process. The feedback meetings can be arranged at a later point of time which can help in providing the feedback by the managers. It can help the workers in knowing about their strengths and the areas for the improvement. Feedback that is obtained by taking recourse to the 360 degree evaluation can become basis that can aid in the formation of the actionable development plan. It can help in the identification of the key areas which can be improved that can benefit the company.

The expatriate training should be provided to the workers of No Name aircraft that can help them in operating within the global marketplace. The language courses can be provided to the workers that can aid in the process of the international business development of the employees (Stewart & Brown, 2019) The training should be provided to the employees at the cultural level that can help in removing the cultural barriers in the path of the employees. The comprehensive programs can help in providing the valued support to the workers of the subsidiaries. It can acquaint the workers with the language along with the laws that can prepare them with the ways that can help them in conducting the business. It can provide workers with the counselling that can help in their assimilation in the new place.


Implementation Plan

No Name aircraft can implement the suitable measures that can help in removing any kind of prejudices taking place in the company. The employers should set a positive duty for the managers along with the supervisors that can facilitate the process of the implementation of the equal opportunities policy. The management should take the actions that can help in ensuring the aspect of the compliance in the company. There should be arrangement of the employment tribunal that can help in paying the compensation to the victims (Trittin & Schoeneborn, 2017). It can be instrumental in improving the morale of the staff that can have a positive repercussion on the employees of company.

Implementation plan refers to detailed description of the actions that can help in the implementation of the policies in a company. The human resources of No Name aircraft can publicize the purpose of the task force that can help in attracting the members. The human resources should facilitate the early meetings that can help the group in defining the responsibilities. There should be a cultural audit that should be well-designed that can help in providing the adequate information to task force that can help it in attaining goals. The cultural audit can help in understanding the problems that the employees of the company are going through that can help in taking the successful diversity initiatives in No Name aircraft. Design would be inclusive of the qualitative data along with the quantitative information that can help the company in removing the challenges (Ashikali & Groeneveld, 2015).  The cultural audit can be helpful in providing empirical data which can be of use in providing the future directions in the company.

The success of the implementation of the 360 degree feedback can be ascertained in the event of it initiating the positive change in the individuals along with the organisations. It can help in enhancing the effectiveness of the management that can be instrumental in improving the workplace relations. There should have a philosophy pertaining to the continuous improvement along with the growth that can help in making the feedback system appropriate for the company (Holck, Muhr & Villeseche, 2016). There should be comprehensive communication with the participants that can prove to be imperative in bringing about the success of the performance management method. The objectives of the performance appraisal should be explicit that can help in bringing about the desired outcome. It can help in minimising the bias and maximising the accuracy that can help in making the results effective in relation to the performance management method.

The efficacy of the training sessions can be understood in the event of No Name aircrafts making use of the employee surveys along with the one-to-the-one discussions that can help in the right evaluation of the procedure of the training (Guest, 2017).  The data can be collected in relation to the measurable outcomes that can help in quantifying the return on the investment for the company. The creation of the visual assessment pertaining to the skill set of the employees can help in measuring whether the training has been able to produce the positive results for the company (Brown, 2015).  It can help in gauging whether the skills along with the knowledge of the workers have improved which can help company in making the profits.


Conclusion and Recommendations

The communication breakdown occurring in between integrated teams has created the barriers before the company. It has been instrumental in developing negative culture that have made the employees resist in the event of the changes taking place in the company. The people in the senior management are reluctant to work with the people who are young that have negatively affected the company. Home country of Australia can make use of the Diversity Policy that can help in providing benefits to the organization. The implementation of the 360 degree feedback can bolster the employees who are working in the company. It can provide opportunities in relation to improvement of skill set that can encourage employees.

It can be recommended that on-job training can be provided to the people who are working in the subsidiaries that can prove to be helpful in addressing the needs of the employees. It can help in imbibing the employees with the requisite amount of the knowledge that can solve problems of workers. It can help the employees in the area of learning that can help them in adjusting to the new environment (Deery & Jago, 2015).  The training should make use of the existing workplace tools that can help in furthering the empowerment of the employees. The training can take place in the normal job environment of the employees that can help in bringing about modification of their skill set along with the knowledge.

It can be suggested that the company should make use of the system of the 360 degree feedback that can help in the assessment of the strengths along with the weakness of the employees. It can help in the professional development of the employees that can help the employees in going up the hierarchy in the organization. It can help the employees in adjusting themselves to the new environment that can help in furthering the cause of the workers. It can help the employees in capitalising on their strengths that can help the company to go ahead in the long run.



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