infomercial outline

I am going to invent the Robert like machine which can understand the languages , feeling of animal and birds.

here are the rules which you should follow same like a below outline.

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infomercial outline
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II. Establish Common Ground & Rapport (relate to us)
III. State the NEED show problem which your product can solve
  IV. Establish Credibility & Goodwill 
**Transition statement from Intro to Body** (if needed)
 I. Main Point 1 Monroe’s SATISFACTION Step: (Write out your main point in a complete sentence)
A. Support/ Display the product and tell us how it works
B. Example or explain. Expert testimony perhaps.
**Transition Statement from Point 1 to Point 2** (if needed)
II. Main Point 2 Monroe’s VISUALIZATION Step: (Write out your main point in a complete sentence)
A. Support/ how our lives will be benefit from this product
B. Example or explain. Tell how someone else’s life is so much better now.
**Transition Statement from Body of speech to Conclusion** (if needed)
I. Strong Call to ACTION. You can really lay it on here if you like. Give details on how to purchase your product.
Bibliography/Works Cited Need 2 sources, 1 formal, I informal.
Wikipedia is NOT a credible source!!!
MLA format: 

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