Interview a Professor

If freshmen can make a personal connection with Just one faculty member, their chances for success at JUS are vastly improved. Therefore, this professor interview is designed to get you talking to one of your professors outside the classroom. Make the interview into a conversation. If you see this as a quick item of busy work, you will not really get to know the professor. Don’t go in, ask the questions, and keep your head down the entire time scribbling notes Instead, really listen to the professors responses and ask follow up questions that interest you.
Remember, the goal of the roofless interview is to get to know one of your professors, not to write down his or her exact words. Don’t worry about taking down every word your professor says instead, take some notes on key ideas. If you truly listen to the professors responses, you’ll remember all you need to write up the interview questions afterwards. To free you up even more to listen and interact with your professor, you might consider recording the conversation with a device like your cell phone and then transcribing the interview later.
However, before recording, always ask the professors permission iris Believe it or not, but professors were once students too, so take the time to really get to know this professor and what insight he or she can give that might help guide you through your own college experience. This should be a professor who you interact with in some way (advisor, class Instructor, faculty advisor of an organization, etc. ). This assignment should be completed In a face-etc;-face meeting Interview Questions 1. Name of professor. 2. What Is the name of the department In which the professor teaches 3. What courses does the professor teach 4.

What Is the professors favorite course to teach 5. What Is the reason the professor chose this area In which to major 6. What degrees did the professor earn From what schools 7. How has higher education changed since the professor was In college 8. What are the professors Interests, hobbles, recreational actively, etc. 9. What Is the professors favorite book, TV program, movie, etc. 10. What Is the professors Idea of an Ideal student Why 11. What kind of student was the professor 12.

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