ITM550 computer science paper

We live in a networked society yet many are naive about how to protect the security of the information we exchange and store via this network. The pervasiveness of the networked culture often leads to patterns of behavior where we may engage in risky data behavior whether it is personal or work related information that is networked. The purpose of this case is raise your awareness of these issues and how to begin to safeguard your networked systems.
First you will read the ACM code of ethics:
While you see that this code of ethics was adopted in 1992, the network security violation events continue to occur.
The chapter from discusses the issues of computer security. I want you to specifically address the networked computer—can it be secured and if so will it still be usable?
The next two articles address botnets and the honeypots to catch botnets and other break-in artists.

When you have finished your research here, you’ll be in a position to write a short (5- to 7-page) paper discussing the question:

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ITM550 computer science paper
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How can you incorporate network security principles into your use of networked systems to insure the security and accuracy of the networked data?

This is an open-ended assignment; we’ve chosen not to provide specific questions to guide you. If it’s really frustrating you and you need some further guidance, please contact your professor and we’ll try to see what we can to help.
Clearly, there is no single right answer to this question; we aren’t looking for you to come up with a particular answer, but rather to creatively apply some new principles to a setting you are reasonably familiar with. There are lots of possibilities, and we will be interested to see what you come up with.

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