its due tomorrow 24th by 11 am ,,, >>>>>> Argumentative Essay: Essay Fountain

one essay should be 3 pages , about my opinion in the subject and a little information from 2 shorts articles 

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its due tomorrow 24th by 11 am ,,, >>>>>> Argumentative Essay: Essay Fountain
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the attachment is the two articles , 


I am going to send you some of my paper so you will know my level 



The paper should be written in MLA Format. Do not plagiarize/copy others’ work. (Refer to your syllabus for penalty.)


The following has aspects you need to have in your Research Paper. Each missing aspect will result in point reduction.



Provide general information about the issue.

State why the issue is important to discuss or pay attention to

State positions on the issue with your thesis/claim/position. Make sure to include both sides/positions of the issue that is discussed. If there are more than two sides/positions of the issue, discuss all. Provide reasons(s) for each position.


Body Paragraphs:

Everything discussed in Body paragraphs should be connected to your thesis. Do not start a new claim or do not omit any point you made in Introduction.

Each paragraph should have a point (topic sentence) and/or evidence/example(s). A topic sentence tells what you are going to discuss in the paragraph.

Transition from paragraph to paragraph should be smooth.

Every point you make should be supported with specific and detailed discussion/analysis and evidence/example(s)

At the end of each paragraph, you may have a brief wrap-up sentence to tell how the point of the paragraph supports/is connected to your thesis.

When you cite or paraphrase professional works, please make sure to include them in text and Works Cited page(s). – At least 5 references/sources


You can use the following types of references ONLY:

Books; Scholarly (Academic) Journals; Newspapers – Print/Web


Opposing position(s):

You can discuss opposing arguments as part of your arguments or you can have a separate paragraph or more for those positions/arguments.

In order to present a fair and convincing argument, you need to discuss other positions that dispute your thesis.

You do not have to provide detailed information of opposing positions/arguments, but you need to provide a fair amount of information.



There are different ways of wrapping up the paper.

Restates the main points of your argument along with your thesis and opposing views; OR

Make suggestions for solutions to the issue in discussion along with key points of your arguments.


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