Journal Article Critique-CJUS 703

Journal Article Critiques enable you to practice thinking critically and to synthesize information. Do not quote from the article. Instead, summarize and paraphrase. Your review must be written in your words and include at least 3 (three) scholarly citations in APA format. In addition to 2-3 pages of content, make sure to include a title and reference page. In addition to an introduction and conclusion, make sure to respond to the following questions to prepare your Journal Article Critique assignment. 

*The student will select a peer-reviewed academic journal article. The student may use one of the additional resources in the course. The student must write a 2–3-page critique of the journal article which includes at least 3 scholarly citations and uses current APA formatting.*

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Journal Article Critique-CJUS 703
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What is the article’s title and purpose?
Who is/are the author(s) of the article and what are his/her/their qualifications?
What are the author(s)’ theoretical assumptions?
What is the article’s hypothesis?
How is the hypothesis supported or rejected? What makes the supporting points credible?
How does the article fit into other literature on the topic?
What other articles or research support the authors’ main points?
Does the article advance the work in a given field?

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