Key Elements

Review the key elements of a global perspective in this chapter and suggest how a global educator can become imbued with these qualities. As you consider your own qualities, describe the primary one of these 10 key elements that you would like to develop more fully, and create a plan to actualize that quality. Visit the Cisco Website to read the article titled “The Education Landscape: A Shift in Learning”, located at Be prepared to discuss. Here are the key elements: perspective:perspective consciousness-awareness that each of us has a worldview or “cognitive map” that is not universally shared by others and may be shaped by factors that we are unaware of and unable to control; knowledge of world conditions (also called “state-of-the-planet awareness“)-knowledge of prevailing and emergent world conditions including population growth, migration, economic conditions, natural resources and physical environment, political developments, science and technology, law, health, and international and intranational conflicts; cross-cultural awareness-respect for and knowledge of the diverse ideas, values, and practices found in human societies throughout the world; knowledge of global dynamics-understanding how the world works and, in particular, understanding the key features and mechanisms of various global systems (e.g., economic, political, ecological, and social); knowledge of alternatives (also called “awareness of human choices”)-awareness of alternatives to the ways the world is currently run, especially alternatives to such practices as unrestrained economic growth, current foreign aid and technical assistance policies, and existing consumption patterns.

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Key Elements
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