Organizational Ethical Analysis Paper – 250 points of your grade. For this requirement, pick an organization to analyze, one that has available information regarding its ethical conduct. The sources for this analysis are found in both public documents that define the organization and popular press where current events are discussed. Use the questions on the SelfAssessment found on pp. 279 – 280 and Chapter 9 in our text as a guide for your analysis. Additional guidance is found in the following grading criteria for this paper. The paper is four to six pages (of text – not including the cover and reference pages) in length, APA Style, quality of writing, 12 point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins. 

Self-Assessment 9.2: Socialization Scale
This scale, adapted from a much longer instrument, measures how well you have learned/adopted the goals and values of your organization. Complete this scale for an organization of your choice (work, nonprofit, college or university).
1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree.

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1. I would be a good representative of my organization.
2. The goals of my organization are also my goals.
3. I believe I fit in well with my organization.
4. I do not always believe in the values set by my organization.
5. I understand the goals of my organization.
6. I would be a good example of an employee (member) who represents my organization’s values.
7. I support the goals that are set by my organization.

Scoring: Reverse your score on item 4 and add up your total. Scores can range from 7 to 35. The higher the score, the more complete your socialization process and organizational fit.

Source: Adapted from Chao, O’Leary-Kelly, Wolf, Klein, and Gardner (1994). Copyright © 2016 by the American Psychological Association. Reproduced with permission.

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