Bierman, L., Ferrell, O. C., & Ferrell, L. (2016).  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Management: Principles and applications, custom edition [Electronic version]. Solon, OH: Academic Media Solutions.

Chapter 11: Effective Leadership in the Organization
Chapter 12: Motivating People
Chapter 13: Effective Team Management

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Based on the readings from the course  text, please identify the leadership traits, skills, and behaviors that  you consider the most important in leading and motivating subordinates.   Examine specifically why you selected the traits, skills and behaviors  in relation to employee motivation. 
Guided Response: Respond  to two of your classmate’s posts. Provide feedback on why you may agree  or disagree with their selection of leadership skills, traits, and  behaviors.


The discussion on this week is on the topic of leadership and  motivation. Leadership is important in all aspects of our life both  personal and in business. Strong leaders must the capabilities to  motivate. Leadership is the process of setting direction and effecting  others to go along that path.. Common to all definitions of leadership  is the notion that leaders are individuals who, by their actions,  facilitate the movement of a group of people toward a common or shared  goal. This definition implies that leadership is an influence process.  There are six basic traits that reoccur which are drive, motivation,  integrity, self-confidence, cognitive skills and knowledge of business  practices.
Our text breaks down each trait. Drive infers that there is a longing  to be successful and are excited about working. There is a need to be a  go getter and do not wait to be told what to meet goals. Motivation  infers that their desire to push one’s self and others. In my opinion,  integrity is important. It is the thought that someone can be trusted.  Self-confidence is that assurance in yourself that you are completing  task effectively and efficiently. Cognitive ability infers that there is  a capability to reason or use intellectual thinking. Business knowledge  is understanding the business. Ensuring that there is a knowledge of  how things should operate to run an organization smoothly.
            The trait I consider the most important in leading and  motivating subordinates is honesty and integrity. Subordinates must know  that the people leading them are trustworthy and ethical.  I have been  in situations where leadership was thought to be trustworthy and they  let the employees down by not telling the truth about circumstances.  It  made the employee feel hurt and resentment and they lost a lot of  respect for the leaders.  One this trust is damages it is hard to  recover the person’s trust.

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