leadership and organization

Your company is updating its website and they have asked that you provide some information for your profile. You are instructed to provide 3-4 different modes of information about yourself, including a paragraph of 100-150 words and a profile photo, as well as any other relevant information you think would enhance your profile.  The purpose of the profile is to establish the credibility of both you as an employee and the company as a resource to its clients.  NOTE:  If you do not have a current employer, feel free to use a hypothetical employer, a team or organization, etc..
please post what you would choose to submit for your company’s profile – remember to expand beyond just using language and the required headshot pic: explore other media and methods of conveying your role in the organization.  Also, explain why you chose each of the specific modes you are  submitting – e.g. how are they related to your position, to your company and/ or how you would like to be presented on your company’s web site.  Be sure to discuss the different modes that you chose and what impact you believe this mode would have. 

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leadership and organization
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