Leadership Is the Secret Ingredient of Success

Leadership is the driving force of any sphere of human endeavor and that driving force is driving towards success or in other words goal achievement.
The area of leadership has been an area of interest for human kind for centuries and it can be traced back to Hipocrates ‘ 400 BC writing on personality types based on body humour and Plato’s establishment of the first leadership training centers in 386 BC[uk essays. com].It has been studied for a purpose and the purpose is obvious because without a proper leader a group of people can’t continue. The maestros of old understood this and established schools to train good leaders. It is known that The great Alexander has been a student of Aristotal so the source of his great leading ability is significant he lead his army to countless victories and he was a great leader of men the secret behind his success was his well educated leadership.Today the good leaders are needed more than ever because the organizations are facing troubles more than ever before tough competition ,the complicated consumer demands are only few of the problems the organizations are facing today . A good leader is like a caption of a ship who steers the ship safely through thunderstorms as well as the still sea.
A leader is self motivated and he should be able to motivate others through frustration and challenges like a batsman in a cricket match who bats a not out innings , playing through the pressure while continuing a steady run rate and telling the batsman in the other end to hang on because it is not an individual performance and eventually becoming the man of the match in fact a leader is the man of an organization who drives the organization forward towards the success so a leader’s success is not only his but of the entire organization’s . In simplest terms the leader should be a good team player.Leadership is what bind the entire organization together to the level one can say he is the organization. The leadership should be spread throughout the organization from the top to the bottom so his decisions are obeyed and effectiveness is improved. A charismatic leader is like a mentor who inspires people and makes people to dream big, aim higher in their careers to do their best, be their best. Employees tend to impress a charismatic leader so they work hard and work more not because they must but because they want to[Klett,ezinearticles. com] .

A leader guides people, a leader should be able to turn skills and efforts in to results, he should be the one employees turn to when they face a problem, the person they can depend on in any situation so leader should be a respectable and loved figure in an organization . The leader represents the organization so they tend to love the organization as well and they tend to regard the work they do as their own and the productivity is gained. [Fleming ,About. com guide] A good leader should be a role model for others to follow he should not direct but guide the way.A good leader can inspire others around him through his hard work, dedication and passion and he ought to make an example out of himself for others to follow so no authority is required by influencing he can convince others to do their job effectively and efficiently. He should practice what he tells others to do and be responsible for his decisions or actions in that way he can earn his place among his subordinates, the acceptance based on others’s trust is the real source of authority. The leadership should be a source of confidence, enthusiasm, and knowledge.
He should be a person who uses times of uncertainty and stress to practice and hone his skills and turn the tide to his or organization’s advantage, he should be a one who seeks challenges and not a one who runs away from them . In the times of crises he should be a source of confidence where others can look up to and he should be calm and composed in the face of danger and steadfast to the main purpose[Melchoir,articleklick. com]. He should not lose focus and the analytical thinking in the difficult times so he can analyze the problem thoroughly and seek solutions.It is obvious that the good leadership is essential for an organization’s success . Although there are many other factors regarding the success of an organization I think that the leadership is the binding or the blending force of all other factors. if we take an organization as a body leadership would be the backbone of it so if the backbone is broken the body can’t move, it would be paralyzed so I conclude that the leadership is the secret ingredient to success that any sphere of human endeavor can’t do without.

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Leadership Is the Secret Ingredient of Success
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