Legal/Illegal Hacking Presentation

There is a need to understand the legal aspects surrounding differing  hacking methods so that their implication can be fully understood.  Create a 10- to 15-slide with 100-150 speaker notes presentation examining the  legal and illegal aspects of hacking. This presentation can be created  using your choice of presentation application as long as it is  downloadable to the learning management system and/or instructor  approved.
Include the following within the presentation:

What is hacking’s role in establishing proper penetration testing?
What  are the current federal and applicable state laws relating to the  consequences of illegal hacking? How are they proposed, how are they  changed, and how have they progressed over time?
What are the  current federal and applicable state laws protecting Internet users from  hacking? How are they proposed, how are they changed, and how have they  progressed over time?
List differing penetration testing methodologies that are deemed legal.
Distinguish  between legal and illegal practices, examining the boundaries to decide  what practices are legal or illegal from a Christian worldview  perspective. Is it just the law or is it more than the law? How does one  not step over the line? How would you define this from a Christian  worldview as well?

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Legal/Illegal Hacking Presentation
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