Leonardo da Vinci Inventions

Different inventions by Leonardo dad Vinci: Armored car – a forerunner to the tank: [pick] Leonardo wrote: “I shall make covered chariots, which are safe and cannot be assaulted; cars, which fear no great numbers when breaking through the ranks of the enemy and its artillery. Behind them, the infantrymen shall follow, without fearing injury or other impediments. ” Leonardo has an idea to sowing panic and destruction among enemy troops with an armored car, which is a forerunner to the tank.
The car consists of metal plates and are armored with guns. The car holds 8 men, who would turn cranks to move the heels and also shooting from the cannons. The notes on the drawing (see the picture) show that Leonardo had thought of replacing the men with horses, but he decided to not replace them. The notes Leonardo wrote about this invention can be dated to around 1487.
Aerial screw – a forerunner to the helicopter: Leonardo wrote this about the aerial screw: “I believe that if this screw device is well manufactured, that is, if it is made of linen cloth, the pores of which have been closed with starch, and if the device is promptly reversed, the screw will engage its gear when in the air and it will rise up on high. ” The aerial screw is one of Leonardo most famous inventions. The aerial screw has a diameter of 5 meters, made of reed, linen cloth and wire, and it’s 4 men who stood on the central platform to control the flying machine.

But the invention is still an idea. And nobody has tested the aerial screw in the reality. The idea comes from Leonardo first period in Milan and is dated between 1483 and 1486. It belongs to the first series of machines designed for flight. He got the idea from a toy (called windmill game), which was popular in Leonardo time. Deep-sea diving suit: The diving suit Leonardo had also invented a deep-sea diving suit. It was made by leather and cane hoses fixed together by leather Joints so the diver can breathe.
Inside the Joints it’s steel spirals so the diver are protected from the pressure of the water. Without the spirals can’t the diver breathe. Leonardo wanted the diver to be dry all the time so he made a coat, trousers and a mask with glass lenses. He invented the diving suit when he was in Venice. He invented it because Venice was threatened by the Turkish fleet. The idea was that one diver should sink at least one of the enemy’s ships. [pick] [pick] Cane hoses, leather Joints and a steel spiral inside a Joint

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