Lesson questions

Write an explanation to someone who does not know how to make proper measurements on how to measure the following line with the ruler. To the untrained eye, the ruler may seem like a useless and mundane tool straight out of a crappy ass’s movie. But in fact, resent studies have that the ruler has many functionally sign efficacy purposes other than the ones used by teenagers behind closed bathroom doors. This tool is used to measure objects in standard or metric measurements.
Here are instructions on how to use this device: 1 . Put down the TV remote and the bag of extra cheesy Ghettos. 2. Find an object worth measuring (I. E. The length of your TV remote) 3. Align the far edge of the remote with the line that reads “O” on the ruler. 4. Scanning to your right, locate the opposite end of the remote and read the corresponding number found on the ruler. That’s it! 5. Repeat when necessary or to resolve any bets between your roommates or friends.
The ruler is so easy to use a foeman can do it! Be safe and enjoy! Explain how you would gather data and calculate the density of an irregularly shaped rock. By the word “rock” can only assume that you are referring to the one and only Deanne Johnson, who is both extremely manly and slightly irregular. Taking this into consideration, lets discuss how we would measure his density (this technique will also work on regular rocks as well but are far less entertaining). Here are the steps: 1.

First we need a vessel filled approximately halfway with water that also has markings of measurement on them. Note the original volume of water (this will be used later) 2. Carefully introduce the object (or person) into the vessel until the water is displaced. 3. Note the new water level on the measurement indicators of the vessel (This measurement is your objects volume). 4. Now divide the volume by the object mass and the answer will equal the objects density. 5. Finally, get Deanne Johnson a towel, he’s cold!

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Lesson questions
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