Light vs. dark

In the myth of the cave Plato and Socrates discuss the theory of having prisoners trapped in a cave chained, in where they are shown figures of the world being cast by shadows. Until one of the prisoners is dragged out into the real world and he experiences a change in perspectives. After realizing how wrong his perspective of the world was, he decides to share this information with the rest of the prisoners that are still trapped in the darkness of the cave.
The other prisoners were so full of their own perspective, disbelieving that there was a world different than what they believed in, that they threatened to kill him if he spoke another word of nonsense. The prisoner returned to the outside world and left the other prisoners in the darkness of their ignorant ways. In “A Very old Man With Enormous Wing”, one day as Pelayo is disposing of crabs in the ocean, he notices an angel lying in the sand ill, he decides to take him home and keeps the old man caged in his chicken coop. fter a ew days Pelayo and his wife Elisanda start to noticed that their ill son is cured and healthy. They seek help from the priest who believes he is the devil since he dint speak God’s language. People came from far and close to see the old man with their own eyes. Elisanda saw a great opportunity and started to charge people admission to see the angel, making her and Pelayo wealthy that they build a new home for themselves. When the old man regained his health and strength he disappears never to be seen or heard from again. The characters in “A Very Old Man with Enormous
Wings”, by Gabriel Marquez relate to the characters in Plato’s “Myth of the Cave” because they are blinded by their perspective and there are similarities in the surroundings from both of the stories. Perspective; a particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person’s point of view, is both a positive and negative thing in both of the stories. In the beginning the prisoner had this perspective that he strongly believed that the shadows that he was being shown all his life were what the world consisted off. When he did get the chance to go into the real world, he was hesitant and had to be dragged out of the cave.

Once he stepped out of the darkness of the cave, he saw the light and came to the conclusion that all this time he was wrong for thinking that way. He tried to share his knowledge with the others that believed that the prisoners they were in was the world of sight. It is then, when he steps back into the darkness once more that he realizes how ignorant people could be, Socrates himself once said “That the unexamined life is not worth living”. Not bothering to question the chance or possibility of their being another world than the one they believe to be real.
In the case of Pelayo and Elisanda in the beginning their perspective about the old man was that he was gruesome looking and that he was dangerous. They planned on letting him regain his strength and send him of to sea with enough food and water to last him for three days. After seeing that there ill son became healthy since the old man had arrive, the thought of him not being such a negative thing crossed their mind. They ended up becoming egan to spread that the old man had powers that could cure others illness, that it led a leper, a blind man, and a paralytic to come visit the old man hoping for a miracle for the price of a nickel.
Leaving with a miracle they didn’t have in mind; the blind man didn’t recover his eye sight but he did grow three new teeth, the paralytic who didn’t get to walk but almost won the lottery, and finally the leper whose sores sprouted sunflowers. In the end Pelayo and Elisanda changed their perspective on the old man being dangerous and having powers that made miracles happened, but lso changed their financial status they went from being poor to becoming so wealthy they were able to build a big house that keep the crabs out.
The surroundings in both of the stories can relate to each other. In Platos story the prisoners are trapped and chained inside a cave, while the old man was kept locked away inside a chicken coop. in both stories the prisoner and the angel are surrounded by people that are too arrogant to accept the fact that there might Just be a world that’s different than what they believe in. If they were able to change their perspective and step outside of the darkness and into the light there whole life would have changed completely.
As it did for the prisoner who got his freedom into a whole new world he was amazed and curious about, while Pelayo and Elisanda not only became used to the old man towards the end, but also became very wealthy because of him. Both Plato’s and Marquez story’s share similarities from the characters to even the surroundings, from being trapped in a cave to a chicken coop. The way the prisoner saw how completely rong his perspective of the world was, that it was more than Just shadows being cast on a wall.
How Pelayo and Elisenda were once scared of the old man with enormous wings until they changed the way the saw the old man. That they even allowed their son to play inside the chicken coop with the angel, leading to both the old man and child to catch chicken pox together. Most importantly how Plato uses the darkness of the cave to represent the ignorance we could have if we don’t bother to question the world we live in, and Marquez uses the money to symbolize the root of all evil.

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Light vs. dark
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