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Discussion Board: Write and submit one post and respond to at least two others. Answer this question. Why do you think students inevitably identify The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock as a life-changing poem? Use specifics (20 pts)

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Literature 101 : Essay Fountain
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post 1.  I think Prufrock’s poem really strikes a cord with people because it so artfully articulates things that everyone struggles with and can relate to. We are so judgemental of ourselves, we subconsciously ask ourselves ‘if we dare’ every day when we make decisions about what we wear, who we’re seen with, where we go, etc. J. Alfred Prufrock wrote about how he was boosting his confidence with his collar positioned high and his tiepin, but then broke himself down immediately after when he remembered that all people would see were his arms and legs losing mass. We do the same thing– in the context of a young student we might take a picture of our outfit in the mirror, but then see a flaw in our makeup or a spot on our head with thinning hair, and our vision tunnels onto that one thing despite how happy or confident the outfit made you feel. We have been in Prufrock’s shoes, all of us, whether we obsessed over our hair, didn’t get an invitation to a party, or didn’t grab the attention of someone attractive. And just when he gets caught up in a pleasant daydream (or so it seems), it ends. Prufrock equates the way his brain manipulates his world to living in hell, and while this poem arguably takes it to the extreme, I think most everyone can find a way to relate to his struggle, and having that connection to a poem can be really enlightening. 

2. I think the poem The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock seems to focus on a repeption of what he feels, think about others and themselve. There are line that repeat such as “Do I dare or Should I say” that specify that Prufock that there’s a sense of validation that the poet needs from others to feel whole and complete. In most cases, society creates an image of what we believe we should look like, wear, say, etc. The poem seem to reflect that the poet tries to figure what they should do and what others will think of them. Also, the line that used in the poem “In the room the women come and go Talking to Michelangelo.” (Prufrock) I thought this was interesting because its related to a Tv Show, movie Teenager Munant Nijna Turles. Not to mention, the line could mean that its related to when others today see a celebrity that’s inspire them or they herioc to them. The line goes on to explain the thin hair,  becoming bad, and explaining what others view of the person in the poem. All in all, the poem is a life changing poem because its acknowledging the truth behind what believe is truth of self. Prufrock allows the readers to gather details of the stanza’s to understand the importance of life and the events that occur throughout the entire poem. It could be different feeling for anyone while reading Prufruck poem and the meaning behind it.

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