Louis, Pat, And Kenny

ESSAY ASSIGNMENT 2: This is a two part paper.
First, research Louis Armstrong and briefly discuss who he was and why he is considered as one of the most important figure in the history of jazz music. What were some of his accomplishments?
Second, this part focuses on two modern musicians, Kenny G and Pat Metheny.  Both have received Grammy awards, and both are extremely successful as far as their fan base, record sales, concert tours, etc.  In 2003 Kenny G was named the 25th highest selling artists in America with 48 million albums sold in the USA as of July, 2006.  Pat Menthey is a true artist in every sense of the word.  He is constantly stretching the boundaries of musical expression, and will undoubtedly be remembered as a true innovator and as one of the top jazz musicians in history.  He has won 17 Grammy awards and 10 consecutive Grammy awards with the Pat Metheny group. (He works with a variety of artist, and the Pat Metheny group is just one of the many ensembles that he plays with).
View the following links in the order that they appear.  Don’t skim though them.  Read the articles in their entirety and view the videos completely. Discuss what your thoughts are on the material presented. Do you like the music? (why or why not) Why do you think Pat Metheny is so angry at Kenny G? (Don’t state that he is jealous, Metheny has done very well finacially and artistically as as accomplished jazz musician, so that is not a valid statement) Support your answers!
Your paper should be at least two to three pages double spaced. Site your sources on a seperate page at the end of the paper. After you have type your paper upload your document by clicking on the button that says Submit 

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Louis, Pat, And Kenny
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