Marriage Matters Summary Linda J, Waite

As a preface, Waite progresses through various statistics fostering today’s pattern of decreased marriages. She states clearly that, “The decline in marriage is directly connected to the rise in cohabitation-living with someone in a sexual relationship without being married. ” Statistics showed a vast decrease in marriages between both black and white marriages. This seems to be an epidemic in today’s society providing examples which might reflect people or situations In our lives.
Another one, of the many, shocking statistics show that about “one third” of births occur outside of wedlock. Waiter’s worry is that marriages are statistically more beneficial to the children who are conceived and born with a stable set of parents. The first argument poses a stance that health between a family is of greater quality when the family Is complete. That being said, Waite never quite defined what a complete family Is, but the term Is connotatively a derived of a mother, father, and could possibly consist of children.
From the paper, a family Is anything Inside matrimony. Waiter’s first argument for health is that marriage appears to reduce risky and unhealthy behaviors. Marriage will also increases material well-being such as income, assets, or wealth. The last component, which I think is the most beneficial, is moral support. All of these ideals are intricate measures needed for a healthy life-all of which stem and are heightened through marriage. The second argument for a pro marriage lifestyle is that life Is easier financially through a stable Income.

Incomes can either be shared or enhanced with marriage. Waite argues that single parent households are in Jeopardy due to lack of sufficient funds and energy where dual parent homes are either amplified by double income or saved by production at home. Wives tend to lead the stay at home Job of doing the duties with house work while men go to work. This leaves more time to pay attention to family as well as diligence In their career while the wife rears the kids and does house work; leaving much more time to relax and recoup.
The third argument supported by Waiter’s article supports a greater intimacy between a couple in marriage. When people think of the word intimacy, it is attached (generally) to sex. Waite argues that not only are sexual needs exceeded, but emotionally the bond is wound tighter. “The long term contract implicit in marriage- which is not implicit in cohabitation- facilitates emotional investment in the relationship, which should affect both frequency of and needs are met. The final argument is the impact of marriage on the children.
Statistics show that two times as many children that are raised in one-parent families than children from two-parent families drop out of high school. A startling fact but is upheld to be true. Almost all cases of poverty were recorded by cases of children growing up in single parent homes. It summates that children are superbly affected by the role models which are designated in their lives. The last page of the article persuades the reader to “reverse the trend” and all of the casualties invested by overdeveloped monogamous relationships.
Multiple sources are accredited with the foundation of a rubber standard. The ideals in society fluctuate because of public policy and acceptance. Policies and standards must be enforced throughout society to rectify change. In summate, Waite argues that a positive lifestyle is that of which is inside of marriage. She resolves that “marriage produces individuals who drink less, smoke less, abuse substances less, live longer, earn more, are wealthier, and have children who do better- need to give more thought and effort to supporting this valuable social institution. ”

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Marriage Matters Summary Linda J, Waite
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