Movie questions

First I think they are both determined, ambitious, but they both failed on something. Vincent has a lifelong dream of going Into the space, and he will do anything to make It happen. Jerome has always been a good swimmer and he’s always winning. But once he got a third place Instead of a first, he melted down and walked in front of a car then sits in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. 2. I don’t think he was mentally ill, instead I think he was depressed. Because he was kissable could no longer do thing he loves the most in his life swim. . Because each time Anton swum with Vincent, he saved his energy to swim back. But for Vincent, like I said, he is determined, he wants to beat his brother so bad. He gave out all his strength to achieve his goal. 4. Because the society Is running In the way they (the people with genetically disable) can’t win on, they don’t get to have a chance on something they might good at, Just because of the gene In their body. They begin to lose the faith In this society, thus, the resistance comes up. 5. There’s no more trust between people, the only thing that people trust is genes.
People don’t get to treated equally, children get abandoned or neglected. The society judge and determine people’s Jobs based on their genetic background. 6. Yes, parents want that for their children. But sometimes having the perfect genes is not everything that the child wants, it’s sort of extra pressure for them. But once anyone who doesn’t fit Into those ‘perfect’ features Is thrown away and disregarded like garbage even though they’re people. It’s devoid of fun and vitality and everything eke that because everything Is controlled and restricted for them, and the people are all obey to the rules and laws. . Because he’s using Groomer’s identity, cause Groomer’s genes were enhanced, also his hard working and his determined mind. 8. As the president of a corporation, I could (as many do) hire whatever I think are the best individuals for my business. With all the diversity in my corporation, I believe it would create a comfortable work environment for my employees, which might show the customers we are not only care about our profit, we also care about our employees Like we care about you! Not only the money In your pocket!
The Implication of this might be In the future, the standard of getting hired by some high profit or state-owned company will be raised. Personality that modified by their parents. Which means they might become what their parents wanted them to be instead of what themselves really want to be. This might cause the society with no diversity. 10. Yes I agree with this, because nobody is perfect. The progress of the human being is similar to we overcome ours weakness. Without weakness, a person will be incomplete” 11 . Certainly!

If they can predict my future life, what’s the point of selling me the insurance if I will be dead under their insurance? The way to stop this would be forbid this kind of technology in certain company to secure our rights. 12. They were trying to tell us the genes are not always accurate. It’s not wise and considerate to Judge a person by their genes 13. They were trying to show us that although something as beautiful as music could be created from engineering children to have 12 fingers, it wouldn’t be ultimately eight to genetically change the human structure.
Sure, 12 fingers would help, but a mutant really be necessary Just for perfection? Some things are better off as is, and more beautiful natural. 14. I think it should be limited in medicinal area. It could be allowed only if it’s for good purpose. 15 and 16. For me, it is not practical for us to start cloning humans until we start reaching out to other plants so we will have room for them. Remember, more people, the more land, food, waste, etc. So until we either start sending people out into space, r we have a global disaster that wipes out a large number of the population, I would say no.
Regardless it’s cloning myself or cloning other people. But if it’s for personal multiply, I would say we need to consider it very carefully. 17. Yes they would, even they are not naturally born, but they are still human. Every human being deserves the equal rights, which supports my opinion: we really need to consider it carefully about cloning human. 18. Psychology: self worth, determination, failure Anthropology: perfection and imperfection Sociology: discrimination, family

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Movie questions
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