Mr. Shamal Fernando

I am dealing with Cardiovascular, Anti diabetic and general product range. There are 7 Sirs and 3 sales representatives under my supervision, and the product range is highly expensive. I am responsible of the growth and the monthly sales of the above range including the strategic implementation for products. Also I am responsible for the training, Development and whole island Sales. In Sir Lankan I report to the Managing Director and the Principles. I have 7+ years of Marketing and Sales experience in Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Consumer products both in SSL and Philippines. Also I was worked as an Educational counselor at Speech power in Philippines.
At the moment I’m giving teaching sessions to the orphaned children. I do Serviced Customers’, enthusiastically and deliberately to provide Excellent customer satisfaction. Objective To be a productive & innovative marketing oriented person in the Pharmaceutical ,fast moving & challenging business environment and to acquire and enhance my knowledge and be able to effectively practice these in the pursuance of my career. I pursue to become a Professional customer service individual along with good Salesmanship and Management and to be the most highlighted individual in my career. Person My Sales, Marketing and Customer oriented services counts more than 7 years.
I have a good understanding of customer needs and their mentality on purchasing goods. I am very much capable of handling Sales & Marketing staff to get the best out of them. I have been awarded the hard & diligent working employee’ in one of my former companies. I have tirelessly worked in any company I worked with honesty. I as an individual always try to delight people whom I associate with . This has made me a preferred employee by my superiors where-ever I have worked. I have a very good command of English. Educational Qualifications I passed the G. C. E OIL Examination in December 1997 with one distinction pass and seven credit passes.

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Mr. Shamal Fernando
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